‘Celebrity Trek: Picard’: The entirety You Wish to Watch Ahead of the New CBS Sequence

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The group of the Endeavor discover a wounded Borg—persons are referred to as “drones”—and in spite of their enmity, nurse him again to well being. Because the Borg begins to regain his individuality, taking the title Hugh, Picard and his sensible bartender Guinan (Whoopie Goldberg; sure, I do know, and he or she’s nice) debate the ethics of the use of Hugh to hold a genocidal pc virus again to the extraterrestrial beings. They don’t, and Hugh rejoins the Borg, ultimately (in later episodes) main a rise up offshoot. As episodes cross, this one is completely superb, however Hugh, performed via Jonathan Del Arco, additionally presentations up in Picard, it appears. So that is him.

Celebrity Trek: The Subsequent Technology: ‘Interior Gentle’

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A mysterious probe presentations up and shoots Picard—pew pew! After which … it ain’t Trek anymore. Picard wakes up on planet, his personal recollections intact, with everybody round him spotting him as any individual else. In a normal episode that wasn’t virtually six years in with a Stewart in complete flourish, Picard would in finding a pc, determine he was once caught in a simulation or a thoughts sport, and bust out. Right here, none of that occurs. And Picard ultimately simply lives his new lifestyles. For years. I’m no longer going to inform you the rest about this apart from it’ll make you cry.

Celebrity Trek: The Subsequent Technology: ‘Chain of Command Section II’

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Partly I of this two-parter, Picard will get all for some covert army shenanigans preventing extraterrestrial beings referred to as the Cardassians. Doesn’t actually topic what’s what, apart from that he will get taken captive. His vicious interrogator is any other British actor who’d been round perpetually, David Warner, and in spite of the needful humorous brow Warner brings the similar courtly evil to the phase that he did to Jack the Ripper in Time After Time, Sark in Tron, and, neatly, Evil in Time Bandits. Warner and Stewart lock their jaws onto the surroundings, and Picard’s will stays (virtually) indomitable.

Celebrity Trek: The Subsequent Technology: ‘Starship Mine’

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Die Exhausting at the Endeavor. Picard is going into action-movie motion extra continuously than you’d be expecting for a thespian at the mature aspect of 50—I’ve nonetheless by no means actually purchased him having the ability to defeat a Klingon in hand-to-hand fight, truthfully. Right here, for science-fiction causes, Picard is by myself at the send whilst a group of thieves attempt to thieve a precious and perilous area MacGuffin, and he has to depend on his guts, stunts, and information of the send to overcome them.

Celebrity Trek: The Subsequent Technology: ‘All Just right Issues’

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Is it dishonest to counsel the collection finale? Eh, most definitely, however it’s an excellent Picard-centered two-parter that, because of time shuttle, hyperlinks the collection’ debut with one conceivable long run. It’s additionally a greater two hours of Trek than maximum Trek motion pictures, will get on the pressure Picard has to unravel issues and the evolution of his courting together with his group. Additionally, because it’s the place the universe left off with Jean-Luc, it’s a lovely bridge (sorry) to Picard.

Celebrity Trek: First Touch

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The Trek motion pictures have handiest infrequently had the spirit of the TV display—a captivating distinction between the narrative calls for of loads of hours of tv as opposed to, again then, the self-contained two hours of a movie. First Touch comes as shut as any of the flicks have, although, recapitulating the entertaining courting stuff however including scorching outer-space motion and turning the Borg into a reputable epic-movie danger. Picard’s PTSD and guilt from “Circle of relatives” are his motivation right here, no longer totally to his credit score, and staring at Stewart paintings all that persona stuff out whilst hefting a phaser rifle is the thrill phase.

Celebrity Trek: Voyager: ‘Relativity’

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