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Doors of Stone Release Date: When is it coming?

The famous book series Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss has been on a hiatus for a while and at long last, the release date of its last part has been officially released. Amazon has revealed that the final chapter, which is also known as Doors of Stone will be released in august and its official release date has been confirmed as well. Fans have been anticipating this for a while, as it has now been years since the release of the last book in the series.

We will then take a look at the information made public about Doors of Stone release date. This book is based on a fantasy series and the upcoming one will be the final book in the series. There are three books in total in the series. The first book is known as The name of the wind and the second one is known by The Wise Man’s Fear. The last one, is known as Doors of Stone and will conclude the storyline of the entire series.

In the storyline of The Doors of Stone, it will be covering the adventures of the lead Kvothe which was left out in the first two books. The first two books described above covers the story that took place on one day each. So the entire series will be covering up three days’ worth of storytelling.

Doors of Stone Release Date

Doors of Stone will be released on 20 August 2020. Since the release date of the last chapter has kept changing over the years. The author of the book has revealed that he will no longer be chasing a deadline. But instead, the book will be released as soon as he is done working on it. So if it is early, the book can even be released earlier that the official release date.

But should things go the other way, then we would just leave that as a story for another day as this will only add more stress to the already exhausted readers who have been waiting for years. For hardcore fans of this works, it might be a little difficult to believe the news. But for now, since even Amazon, that will be selling the book upon its release, has confirmed that the release date is true and it will be on sale by then.

So hopefully they might push things on their end as they will have to chase the rising demand of this last book. So for now, let us wait to see what next month will bring with it.

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