Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 Release Date and Predictions

Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to the hit series from the last decade called Dragon Ball Z. The anime series is based on its manga which is written by Akira Toriyama. Initially, the anime series received widespread criticism due to bad story writing and flawed animation. The movies Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Ressurection F were ruined in the first two arcs.

This article contains spoilers of the latest manga arc.

These problems were corrected later after the complaints and the further arcs were a hit. The filler episode between the main arcs was also great. The anime ended in the last year.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 Release Date

The Release Date of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 is July 20, 2020. The next chapter will be available on the official website of VIZ. You can read it there.

The manga did not end after the Tournament of Power. It keeps moving the plot forward. The next arc is the Galactic Prison Arc. There was a breakout on the biggest prison of the Universe. A million-year-old wizard named Moro was kept in that prison for a long time. He gained some magic and managed to escape from that place. He took many other strong prisoners to find planets with high mortality.

A battle took place there where Vegeta and Goku were utterly defeated. Moro is too strong for them. Both of them escaped for training while Moro kept rampaging the universe. He was an old goat after the initial escape. However, he absorbed so many planets that he became young and carried immense Ki.

The Galactic Prisoner Arc right now?

Goku trained under Merus to learn the control of Ultra Instinct. Merus is a trainee angel that was the head warden in the Galactic Prison. The training was done in a room like the Hyperbolic Chamber. The training only worked for the initial omen form of Ultra Instinct. The form did not work against the immense Ki of Moro. Goku was defeated.

On the other hand, Vegeta went to Planet Yardrat. The people of Yardrat are not strong but they know techniques that can manipulate space and time. Vegeta was trained by¬† “Pybara” and mastered the “spirit fission”. This worked effectively on Moro but the task was not completed. Moro escaped Vegeta and went to his ship to absorb. This was his back up plan. This absorption has transformed Moro who looks confident against Vegeta. He throws Vegeta down on the ground with a single punch. Now, the next thing is unclear. There is no one else who can save them at this point.

There was a point in the last chapter where it seemed like Moro was over. But it is not that simple. There will be more in this story. When this arc ends, Goku and Vegeta will have strengthened themselves. Then, there is a major arc coming which will involve many other universes and even the Omni-King. How do you think this arc will end? Do let me know in the comments!

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