One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date, Updates and Predictions

One Piece is one of the most popular manga featured in the Weekly Shonen magazine in the current time. The two-decade-long story of young pirates aspiring to become the greatest crew ever is written by Eiichiro Oda. It is the adventure of Straw Hat “Monkey D. Luffy”, whose goal is to become the king of the pirates. The manga will complete its 1000 chapters by the end of this year.

Wano Country Arc

The One Piece story is currently focused on the Wano Country that is the land of Samurai. It is ruled by the Shogun Orochi who is evil and inconsiderate. Orochi is backed by Kaido, one of the four Youko (Emperors of Sea). Kaido runs one of the biggest Pirates Crew, the Beast Pirates. It mainly consists of a fighter who transforms into a strong beast using devil fruit powers. Impressive thing is that the captain Kaido can transform into a huge dragon.

Straw Hat’s Objectives

Luffy met Trafalgar law at Punk Hazard. Both of them allied to take down Kaido. The first step was to stop the supply of Smile to Beast Pirates. They defeated Doflamingo who supplied Smile to Kaido under the alias Joker which was the first step towards the main objective. Luffy met some Samurai during his journey who have gathered a huge army to overthrow the rule of Orochi and Kaido. Luffy’s Objective is to defeat Kaido and free the Wano Country. He and His crew also need the road ponyglyph in the possession of Kaido. This will be the key in their journey for the last island, Raftel.

The Current Situation

The alliance against Kaido has gathered over 6000 fighters. Their objective is to overthrow Orochi. The previous Shogun was Kozuki Oden. The Samurai wants revenge for the brutal murder of Oden at the hands of Kaido and Orochi. They also want to bring Momonosuke (the son of Oden) to the throne. The ultimate goal would be to open the Wano Country to the outside world.

Some of the Minks from Zou are also involved in this raid. Marco and Izo, two commanders of Whitebeard Pirates have also arrived. Before the raid was underway, another new character was introduced. Kaido’s daughter has made contact with Luffy. Her name is Yamato. She explains that when Oden was executed, she was very impressed with his ideology. That is why she has become the Self Proclaimed Kozuki Oden. People call her the “Son of Kaido”.

Significance of Yamato

Yamato knows her father well. She has shown that she can use strong Haki like her father. As she is imitating Oden, she uses some of the Samurai tactics as well. Luffy wants to defeat Kaido to end his plague of the Wano Country. He cannot do this without a new key move. Kaido has the armament Haki that far exceeds Luffy. If Yamato is to help Luffy out, he is talented enough to learn to cope with Kaido. We will see how that fight turns out.

One Piece Chapter 985 is gonna shed further light on Yamato. We will know about her connection with Ace. She mentioned that Luffy reminds her of Ace. If there is a romantic connection between Ace and Yamato, there is a possibility of a Child. That would completely throw everyone off guard. Could it be O-Tama? This possibility can only be confirmed or denied in the next chapter. Stay tuned for further news. Let me know your thoughts about the upcoming chapter!

One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date

The Release Date for One Piece Chapter 985 is July 17, 2020. You can read it on the official source, the VIZ manga release site when it comes out.

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