Sen Cal Kapimi: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Sen Cal Kapimi, if you’ve heard the name, you must be a Turkish drama fan. Since the last few years, people have been binging TV series from different genres to different languages. Be it Indian, English, Korean or Turkish. One such show is Sen Cal Kapimi which is one of the best romantic and comic dramas, a creation of the Turkish drama industry. Let us dive further into the article to know more about it and find out its next episode’s release date.


A girl named Eda who wants to pursue her education ahead in Italy. During this she confronts Serken Bolat, a rich and powerful businessman. Serkan cancels Eda’s scholarship for international education and tells her he will grant it back again if she pretends to be his fiancee for two months. Eda initially rejects the offer out of hatred for him but later on accepts it as she really wants that scholarship. When the two-act committed to each other they start developing feelings and caring about each other. This is really a unique story and has already impressed the fans with its pilot episode. Let us see what the creators have for us in the coming episode.

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A still from the Episode 1 of Sen Cal Kapimi.


The cast consists of many famous and talented artists. Earlier also, these stars have given stellar and memorable performances. The cast itself tells us that the show is worth watching. Some of them are:

  • Eda Yildiz (played by Hande Ercel)
  • Serkan Bolat (played by Kerem Bursin)
  • Aydan Bolat (played by Neslihan Yeldan)
  • Selin Atakan (played by Bige Onal)
  • Kaan Karadag (played by Ismail Ege Sasmaz)
  • Engin Sezgin (played by Anil Ilter)
  • Ayfer Yildiz (played by Evrim Dogan)
  • Ceren Basar (played by Melisa Dongle)
  • Ferit Simsek (played by Cagri Citanak)


The trailer for the Episode 2 of Sen Cal Kapimi was dropped 3 days ago on Serba Dizi2’s official YouTube channel. It has already crossed 68k views.. The trailer shows how Serkan’s mom disapproves of Eda when he introduces her as his fiancee. Eda starts developing feelings for Serkan while her friend convinces her that it is wrong. The episode will bring many twists and turns and the will be a thrilling rollercoaster ride for all the fans. You can watch the trailer below.

Sen Cal Kapimi Release Date:

Episode 2 of Sen Cal Kapimi will be released on 15th July 2020 with English subtitles. The audience has highly appreciated the show and it is looked forward to as a Turkish drama that will break many records. Having taken a look at the pilot episode and the cast, undoubtedly, it will be one of the best shows from the Turkish industry. Fans who have been eagerly waiting will be delighted to see what the show brings for them in the future. For more such updates, stay tuned.

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