One Piece Chapter 985: Spoilers, Release Date – The Shogun is Dead

Here are some spoilers for the upcoming chapter of One Piece leaked online. Not all of these are confirmed. One Piece Chapter 985 is set to release on July 17, 2020, Friday. You can read the upcoming chapter through the manga site of VIZ.

One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers

Title: New Onigashima Plan

For the last few chapters of One Piece, Kaido has revealed that he has a plan involving his (Son)/Daughter, Yamato. We get to see the details of that plan in the upcoming chapter. Kaido makes a huge announcement.

On the stage, Kaido reveals his future plans. The Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates have forged an Alliance. The goal of this alliance is to obtain ancient weapons and One Piece. With this power, they want to wage a full-scale war in the world.

Wano will be the new Onigashima now. The base of Beast Pirates. Using the resources and people of Wano, this will become the new fortress of this alliance. In this new base, the strong will be given the choice to serve under Kaido while the weak will be enslaved for work.

As Kaido deems him of no use, the current Shogun Orochi is killed. To replace him, Yamato will be made the new shogun of Wano Country.

Hidden somewhere, Yamato reveals to Luffy that she was treated very badly by her father since childhood. She was put into explosive handcuffs when she was eight to subdue her. Its been twenty years since then. Yamato wanted to leave the country with Ace. She knew him well. Luffy offers that he can open these handcuffs. This means she will be free after so long. Yamato and Luffy are found out by Kaido’s men and Tobi Roppo will know about it. We still don’t know what is the role of Yamato going to be.

What’s Next

Big Mom and Kaido are a huge force that Luffy and others cannot defeat right now. This alliance between two yonko could bring havoc to the entire One Piece world. Even if marines have their new weapon, battling two yonko at the same time is not possible for them. Only the people of Wano can put an end to this plot right here. This battle may stop the huge war from ever starting.

Yamato has gotten her freedom. The goal of Straw Hats and Samurai to take down Orochi has already been fulfilled. Yamato is an ally for them. She can take the role of Shogun temporarily. However, the plans of Kaido for Wano cannot be accepted. He wants to make things even worse for the residents of Wano. Making them slaves to do work. Kaido needs to be defeated at the end of this arc.

To do that, Luffy has to step up his strength. He needs to improve his Armament Haki to the level of Kaido. In addition to that, other strong enemies like Big Mom, All-Stars, Charlotte siblings have to be subdued by different strong allies of Straw Hats. This could turn out to be a devastating battle. What do you think about this development?

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