Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 Spoilers: Key Visuals Leaked

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 is scheduled to release in the next week. The chapter is almost ready, and new information has been leaked on the internet. So Here’s what we know,

About Seven Three

Moro has become a lot stronger after absorbing Seven Three. No one really predicted that 7-3 would be used in such a way. When Vegeta cornered Moro using his Spirit Fission technique, the first thing he did was to absorb his subordinate.

Seven-three exhibited a unique technique in his battle with Gohan. He is an android that was freed from the galactic prison along with the others. He decided to join Moro at that point. He was created by an advanced technological race and acted as a bandit in the universe. He can copy the abilities of any person just by grabbing the back of their neck. This gives him powers of that individual, matching him with equal strength. He can only copy three people at a time. It is also to note that there is a 30 minute limit on the power ability of Seven Three.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62- Seven Three In Manga
Seven Three In DBS Manga

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 – Spoilers

Moro can use the copying ability of Seven Three without any limitations. It’s as if both individuals have fused. However, the consciousness of Moro is the dominant one. Vegeta recovers from the initial attack of this Moro. He has not lost his spirit just yet. He was throwing multiple attacks on him at once. Moro easily dodges. Vegeta cannot hit him with such rash actions.

Moro grabs hold of Vegeta from the back of the neck with a cunning move. He can copy all the abilities of Vegeta now. Moro attacks Vegeta with a strong technique sending him flying far. When Vegeta gains his senses, Moro is in the air charging the “Big Bang” to hit Vegeta. Incidentally, Vegeta is hit by one of his own special techniques.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 Release Date

The official release date for DBS Chapter 62 is July 20, 2020. The new chapter is available to read on the manga site of VIZ. It is surely going to be fun watching them, all-new Vegeta and all-new Moro have a brawl to the end.

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How to defeat Moro?

Moro may have been unbeatable in the past, but he is vulnerable to Vegeta’s new technique. The Spirit Fission is effective against the absorbing technique. Vegeta needs to use it again to separate Seven Three from Moro. To do this, he needs supports from the other fighters. If the Androids, Gohan or Goku intervene to take on Moro, Vegeta could get this opportunity.

I don’t think Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 is going to change the tradition that Goku delivers the final blow. Goku and Vegeta will team up. After Vegeta separates Seven Three from Moro, Goku will step up against the weakened Moro. A heated final battle will commence, which will end with the defeat of Moro. This is my prediction based on the stuff leading up to this. Do you agree with this? How disappointing would it be that Vegeta is sidelined again? Do let me hear your thoughts in the comments. We value your feedback.

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