One Piece Chapter 986: Release Date and Predictions

The manga chapters of One Piece have faced multiple delays due to different reasons. Some breaks were taken by the Eiichiro Oda and others were due to the shonen magazine. Another delay is expected for the manga making One Piece Chapter 986 late. However, despite these delays, the manga is getting more and more interesting.

The Battle before the War!

The previous chapter had some thrilling events. Kaido and Big Mom want to start an all-out war against the World Government. They want to use the opportunity produced due to the abolition of the 7 Warlord System. If this war happens, it would dwarf the Marineford War in sheer scale. Whitebeard against Marines produced such huge waves by himself, that the whole pirate world found a new life. But before that war, Kaido has to deal with the local uprising backed by strong allies from Zou, Whitebeard Pirates, Heart Pirates, and Straw Hat Pirates. This is such a huge battle that it would rock the whole world.

If Straw Hat Luffy succeeds in taking down the strongest creature alive, this would essentially make him the new Yonko. Luffy has already produced waves in the territory of Big Mom. She is on the Island of Onigashima to take revenge for that defeat. If she is defeated at Wano along with her children, Luffy will become the most influential pirate. This sounds good and all however Luffy is not ready. He is not strong enough yet. We are also expecting a major power-up for Zoro. Nonetheless, Straw Hat Crew is strong. They have gathered a large number of allies. But taking down two Yonko at the same time is too much to ask.

One Piece Chapter 986 Release Date

The Release Date of One Piece Chapter 986 is expected on July 31, 2020. The new chapter is available on the official release site VIZ. This date may be subjected to change depending on the Magazine.

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New Straw Hat Crew Member?

It was confirmed in the previous chapter that Yamato has shown the desire to get into the Straw Hat Crew. The daughter of Kaido wants to join the Straw Hat Crew. She wants to sail the sea with Luffy. Just like Oden did with Whitebeard and then Roger Pirates. First of all, she is strong. She is the hardcore fan of Kozuki Oden while inheriting the strengths of her father. This would increase the strength of the crew.

Yamato also knew Ace at one point. She wanted to leave Onigashima with him. Because explosive handcuffs are stuck on her since she was eight. If she ever leaves Wano Kuni, these would explode. Luffy has seen Rayleigh take care of these handcuffs using Haki. He has offered to free Yamato as well. At the end of this Arc, we might see Yamato leave with the Straw Hat Crew. The journey after this arc leads to the One Piece at this point.

This is it. The good part of Wano Arc starts now. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. We appreciate your feedback.

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