Zen 3 Release Date – A New Generation of High End Processors

AMD’s CPU micro-architecture Zen 3 is prepared for its release in the upcoming weeks. The Zen 2 successor is supposed to be fabricated on 7 nm MOSFET node from TSMC and powers Ryzen mainstream desktop processors and Epyc server processors. The awaited CPU microarchitecture will soon be available in the market. Let us discuss its specs, performance, price and release date further in the article.


AMD is adopting a new architecture for the upcoming processor where it will be mounted on a 7nm fabrication process from TSMC. This will allow us to lower the power consumption, increase the transistor density, and potentially even more cores within the same trusty AM4 socket. It was also stated that it will be compatible with socket AM4 as long as X570 or B550 chipset is featured in the motherboard.

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Dr. Lisa Su at a launch event of AMD.

Zen 3 – Performance:

The architectural design of zen3 gives us hope for an increase in its performance. Although the size change as compared to Zen 2 has not been stated publicly, rumors have it that the transistor density has been increased. Increased transistor density of Zen 3 will result in improved process nodes. It will further allow for the production of CPUs that provide us with a boost in frame rates.

Zen 3 – Price:

In comparison to the prices of the previous Zen 2, of AMD the prices for Zen 3 will be relatively higher. The lower-end CPU may cost approximately around $200 while the higher-end CPU may cost as much as $500. As per our sources, an equivalent of Ryzen 9 3950X might be created. It will be priced as high as $750 for sure.

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Zen 3 – Release Date:

AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su announced that the AMD Zen 3 processors will be released in late 2020. The original Zen CPU was released in March 2017 while the Zen 2 CPU was released in July 2019. Now, as per these timelines, we can expect the Zen 3 to be released by the fourth quarter of 2020. But, according to our sources, AMD will be releasing their ‘next big leap in technology’ by September 2020. We will update you guys as soon as we get any more details. For more such updates, stay tuned.

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