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Violet Evergarden Movie Release Date & Update

Violet Evergarden: The Movie is an upcoming Japanese feature film that was postponed due to the pandemic. It was going to feature in cinema soon after the end of anime. The new release date for the movie was announced afterwards. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Taichi Ishidate is the director of this film. He is also the director of the Violet Evergarden hit Anime that aired in 2018. Reiko Yoshida is the writer for the script while “Kyoto Animation” studio handled the production. Music for this film is done by Evan Call. This movie was announced right after the release of the Violet Evergarden light novel. The project took two years to complete. It will feature a summarised plot from the light novel.

Violet Evergarden: Light Novel

It was first published in the KA Esuma Bunko on December 25, 2015. Kana Akatsuki wrote the novel while Akiko Takasae was the Illustrator. It was written over 4 volumes and ended in March 2020.

The story is about Violet Evergarden. She is an Auto Memory Doll. In the world of this anime, these are writers that work for people who cannot write themselves. Her combat skills were revealed soon afterwards. This led to the question of her ability and skill as she remembered nothing about fighting.

Claudia Hodgins is her employer, a former army officer trying to help her in the quests. Gilbert is another person from the army. His last words to Evergarden were “I Love You”. To explain these words, Violet decides to pursue her self in the auto memory doll.

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden Movie

Violet Evergarden: Anime and Movie

After the increasing popularity of the novel, the anime adaptation was announced. There were some OVA along with a spin-off movie in 2019. The Anime was the first project for Ishidate for this particular franchise working for the movie later.  Akiko Takase did the character designs while Yota Tsuruoka was in charge of sound direction. This anime was streamed on Netflix in 2018. Just like the novel, the storyline was loved by the fans. The animation was also among the best anime that year.

The movie was going to hit the cinema in January of 2020. The date was moved to April in the first delay. This date was also cancelled due to the sudden outbreak of Corona Virus in Japan. The second date was given for the fall of this year soon after. Considering the response for the previous material, the same production team as the anime, the movie is expected to be good.

The action surrounding the female protagonist trying to live as a writer. She seems weak but finds hidden strengths to cope with dangerous situations. The movie is coming out soon.

Release Date

The original release date of this movie was April 24, 2020. Due to delays in production and screening, the new release date for Violet Evergarden: The Movie is September 18, 2020. This date is set after multiple delays previously. It was announced in a TV commercial.

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