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Gacha Club iOS: Release Date, Gameplay and Walkthrough Guide

‘Gacha Club iOS’ is a new game launched by Lunime for Android and Windows and the users are loving it. The game is about joining a club that you like and creating anime-styled characters by customizing them accordingly. The game is soon going to be released on for iOS users. Let us discuss further in the article about the game and its release date for iOS users.

Gacha Club iOS Gameplay and Synopsis:

This game consists of four modes which are Story mode, Tower mode, and two more. In this, you have to collect gems, gold, and enhance your skills to buy more units. The game has been released in 72 different languages with 10 characters to be allowed in a scene. It has also included a new feature of battle, where you need to defeat more than one enemy.

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A still from the freshly released Android game ‘Gacha Club’.

You can also have pets and each pet has different elements such as Fire, Light, Corrupted, Cosmic, Water, and Neutral there are currently 40 clubs in the game. The outfits and hairstyles are free and you can also play minigames to unlock the special characters and characters can be customized for free. You can also go on to explore the other two modes which are World Mode and Studio Mode.

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No official trailer was released by the makers of the ‘Gacha Club’. But, we do have a fan-made trailer for you displaying the interface of the game and its various features. The fan-made trailer has already crossed 26k views. You can watch it below.

Gacha Club iOS Release Date:

The game was released for Android on 29th June 2020 and 11th July 2020 was the release date for windows. It has not been officially released on iOS, however, the developer has announced it will be released soon in the next few weeks. Fans have speculated the version will be released by August 2020. After the release, you can download from the app store in iPads, iPhones, and more. Android users have loved the interface and the response has been positive. After hitting the app store, this game will surely be enjoyed by many others. We will update you on the exact date after an official announcement is made. Till then, stay tuned for more information.

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