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This Is Us Season 5 Release Date, New Plot – Addition of New Cast

Today we will dive further into the article to discuss the This is Us Season 5 Release Date, and details we know by now. The creation of Dan Fogelman ‘This Is Us’ is an American romantic and family tragedy TV series. It is broadcasted on NBC. Its first episode was aired on 20th September 2016. It has released 4 seasons until now and is planning to launch its fifth season soon.

This Is Us Plot:

Firstly, the show revolves around the lives of Kevin, Kate, and Randall, who are siblings and their parents Rebecca Pearson and Jack Pearson. Kevin and Kate actually had another brother Kyle as they were triplets. But, they were born premature and Kyle couldn’t make it. After giving birth to Kate and Kevin, Jack and Rebecca decide to adopt an African American child who was born on the same day as Kate and Kevin. They name him Randall. When the children are 17 Jack passes away and Rebecca marries Miguel later on, who was Jack’s best friend.

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A still from the final episode of Season 4 of ‘This is Us’.

Randall grows up to become a successful finance professional and gets married to his college classmate, Beth. They have two daughters together and adopt a third. On the other hand, Kevin becomes a successful actor but struggles to be taken seriously by people. Owing to not having much direction in her life, Kate meets and later on marries Toby. Then, she pursues a career in music while gets a degree and finally becomes a mother. The show takes place in the present while continuously showing flashbacks of the family’s past. Overall, the series revolves around the lives of the characters, the relationships between them, their growth, and how they raise their children.

This is Us Season 5 Cast:

Some new characters may be introduced in the upcoming season. As soon as we get any information about them, we will update you. But, the entire lead cast will be returning, who have impressed the fans with their stellar performances before. Some of them are:

  • Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown)
  • Beth (played by Susan Kelechi Watson)
  • Kevin (played by Justin Hartley)
  • Kate (played by Chrissy Metz)
  • Toby (played by Chris Sullivan)
  • Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia)
  • Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore)
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This is Us Trailer:

The production has not released any official trailer yet but on 12th May 2020, they released a trailer where they said that the fifth and sixth season will be the last two seasons for the series. It has already crossed 167k views. You can watch the trailer below.

This Is Us Season 5 Release Date:

The release date for ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 has not been announced yet. As per our observations, the previous four seasons were released in late September every time. This time the production has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to our sources, Season 5 may not begin production until January 2021. So, the show will not be aired this year for sure. But, if filming starts by January, the fans who have been anxiously waiting can expect the second-last season to be released in early April 2021. We will update you as soon as we get any details. For more updates, stay tuned.

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