Boruto Chapter 49 Release Date – Isshiki Otsutsuki is Strong!

Today we’ll be talking about Boruto Chapter 49. The newest issue of V-Jump is out. Many of the monthly manga is out. This includes the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation from Masashi Kishimoto and Ukyo Kodachi. The set up of the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki is complete. Here’s what happened in chapter 48:

From Recent Chapter

Jigen, the leader of Kara died in the previous chapter. The whole organization is in pieces after Amado defected and Kashin Koji turned against Jiren. Amado was part of Kara only to take down the Otsutsuki behind it. Kashin Koji is the clone of Jiraya created for this purpose. Koji forced Isshiki to activate Karma which revived him at the expense of Jigen’s body.

Turns out, Isshiki is way stronger than Jigen. He may not have much life force due to the low strength of  Jiren. But the strength is suiting for the Otsutsuki. None of the attacks from Koji work anymore. Soon, he is trapped. Isshiki has an unusual ability. Through his right eye, Isshiki can shrink anything and save it for use in an alternate dimension. It may not be unlimited, but he summoned three huge pillars to trap Koji in an instant.

In a desperate attempt, Koji escapes. Isshiki decides to not follow him. Instead, he invades Konoha. Isshiki wants his ultimate vessel back. The plan to use Kawaki failed when Isshiki activated Karma. Isshi has to put the sign on Kawaki again. Then, wait for it to mature again.

Boruto Chapter 49 Release Date

The release date for Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 49 is August 20, 2020. The chapters are available at Midnight (JST). You can read it on VIZ’s official release site.

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Chapter 49 Predictions

Sasuke and Naruto are the ultimate defense of Konoha along with many talented Shinobi. We might as well include Sakura to make the whole team. The first worry for the Hokage is the safety of the people. They need to pull Isshiki away from the civilian areas. The planning of Shikamaru along with the help from Sai will play that role. Kawaki and Amado are the main objectives of Isshiki.

Isshiki as well as Sasuke and Naruto are recovering their chakra after the major fight involving Jiren against these two. Jiren was supposed to possess very little chakra after that. Isshiki doesn’t seem to have that problem. He was living inside Jiren for a long time. Sasuke and Naruto are a great team together but Isshiki knows everything they are capable of. They will need full power to take down Isshiki.

The Otsutsuki are very persistent. Even if the current life force will only last for a few days, Isshiki won’t rest until he gets his vessel. If Karma is successfully inserted into Kawaki, there is nothing that stops his revival. We will see how this fight turns out. If I had to predict, I would say Isshiki will gain the upper hand here. Amado has done the best that could be done. However, Kawaki is supposed to retain Karma longer. The rest can only be known in the coming month. What did you think about the recent chapter? Let us know in the comments.

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