Dr Stone Chapter 160 Release Date – Senku Survives?

Today we’ll be talking about Dr Stone Chapter 160. The ultimate duel of scientists is currently underway. Senku encountered Dr Xeno in the quest to find the precious corn of the United States. Xeno and his team are very hostile to outsiders. Xeno wants to neutralize anyone that could pose a threat to his scientific empire. The outsiders managed to convince them that Dr. Taiju is the main scientist behind their rise of technology from the petrified world.

Xeno has his trusted Sniper Stanley on the job to shoot down Dr. Taiju. The spy inside the ship notices that the main man is different. This is how we learned about the connection between Xeno and Senku. The order to Stan is simple. Kill the main man that is responsible for the scientific developments of this group.

Dr Stone Chapter 160 – Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 160 will arrive on August 2, 2020. This delay is due to the break in the Weekly Shonen Jump originally due to the Tokyo Olympics expected date. The newest manga chapters are available on VIZ and Shiesha’s official manga release site.

Chapter 159 Recap

The sniper is spotted and ready to make the shot. Xeno estimates the height of Senku from his past experiences. Stan brings the possible Senku to three. When the chaos breaks out to take cover, Senku is the only one to notice the position of the Sniper. He is found out.

Stan receives confirmation from Xeno that Senku is not good for his empire. He is allowed to kill Senku. The bullet is fired. On Target.

On the ship, Senku scrambles to make an instant Bullet Proof Vest. Using the ingredients from the ice cream making, he makes a covering to stop the incoming bullet. The vest worked somewhat. At impact with the bulletproof material, the bullet explodes. The shrapnel moves inside the vest. Some of the pieces are caught. However, it looked like some of the shrapnel reached the body of Senku. Blood has rushed out.

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Stan is at a great distance from Senku. After seeing the blood, he may conclude that the kill is confirmed. However, Senku will surely survive this. The impact was greatly reduced due to the quick chemistry done by Senku. So yeah, Senku Survives this shot. Another team is out that could know Stan’s Position. If Stan is captured, Xeno may get into a disadvantage. He is the top man for Xeno.

Dr Stone Chapter 160 will provide an opportunity for the Senku and Co to strike back. The sniper is no longer effective after revealing his position. The element of surprise is over. The elite fighters are out on the mission to gain an advantage. It is the battle against the ruling mindset of Xeno. Senku wants to revive everyone and bring humanity to their original might. On the other hand, Xeno wants to build an empire and dictate the whole of humanity. In the end, Senku wants this brilliant mind on his side. There is the threat of a petrifying weapon that still lurks against the ambitions of both these characters. I am sure Senku will get Xeno to cooperate eventually.

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