Dragon Ball Super 64 Release Date – It is Upto the Angels now!

Dragon Ball Super Newest Manga chapter was just released. We know that you can never predict the outcome when it comes to the Dragon Ball franchise. The latest chapter was a prime example. Just when it looked like, the villain Moro is outsmarted, he pulls out new tricks. The events that took place lead to an expected fight. We have never seen this in DBS before. Here is what happened in the Galactic Prison Arc yet!

Recent Events

Moro has invaded Earth. He is a wizard that existed long ago. Imprisoned in the Galactic Prison, he held no magical powers. Gaining some strength, he broke out along with many inmates. After that, he started to hunt the high mortality planets in Universe 7, running into Goku and Vegeta. That battle ended with an utter loss for these fighters and Moro grew far stronger.

Goku and Vegeta trained separately while Moro became unstoppable. Eventually, The Earth was invaded. Piccolo, Gohan, Android 17 & 18, Krillin, Master Roshi along others engaged the invading army. Most of them were defeated. Goku arrived after training and took down the rest except for Moro. Moro persists. He can withstand Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen form. Goku is defeated.

Vegeta arrives with a trick of his own. He trained to master Forced Spirit Fission. This technique weakened Moro considerably but no one anticipated the trump card. Moro fled and absorbed Seven Three. After this, Moro has become unstoppable. Vegeta’s Technique only works if Moro is in a weakened form. Moro uses the Copy Technique used by 73 along with full strength renewal. Vegeta is copied. He is hit by his own “Big Bang” attack and rendered unconscious.

Piccolo and Gohan outsmart Moro to give an opening for Goku to throw a full-scale attack. Moro’s Arm is destroyed. It doesn’t work. Moro copies the healing technique of Piccolo to grow it back. Goku is impaled and falls unconscious. This attack hit him head-on and GOKU MAY HAVE DIED. (AGAIN!)

Dragon Ball 64 Release Date

The release date for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 is August 20, 2020. The release time is usually midnight (JST). The latest chapters for the shonen manga are available on VIZ’s official release site.

Predictions for DBS Chapter 64

All the strong fighters were defeated instantly after the new transformation of Moro. Only Jaco from Galactic Patrol remains. Merus arrives on Earth for the rescue. Dende left the lookout to help the injured. He was interrupted by a strong barrier that activated around Moro. Dende is helped by an Angel. It looks like the staff of Whis. Even if its someone else, there is no doubt that Angels have joined this fight.

Merus is a trainee angel who serves in the Galactic Patrol. Watching this desperate situation, he came to help. Whis has also opened up a path for Dende to heal some of the fighters. Hopefully, He will save Goku. It is the angel vs the wizard in the next chapter. We have never seen an angel fight seriously. Will we see the fullest abilities of an angel in the next chapter? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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