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Painter of the Night Season 2: Release Date, Trailer – The Biggest Twist

The ongoing Manhwa by ByeonDuck ‘Painter of the Night’ is the story of Na-kyum who is a painter and paints erotic paintings of men. After a few publications, he quits and ends up meeting Seungho, who is a nobleman and asks him to be his private painter. Let us see learn more about the comic, its plot, cast, and release date ahead in the article.


The story is based on the past where Noblemen and Kings ruled the country. Baek Na-kyum is a painter who paints erotic images and publishes them with a pseudonym. Yoon Seungho is a nobleman who is searching for the painter and meets Na-kyum. Seungho asks him whether he is the painter but Na-kyum denies it. On finding the truth, Seungho murders his assistant. After not being able to find the truth, Seungho takes Na-kyum to his place since he falls unconscious. Seungho asks him to stay and paint there but Na-kyum is unable to paint.

There was supposed to be an image.
A still of Yoon Seungho from the comic ‘Painter of the Night’.

As per our sources, in the upcoming season of ‘Painter of the Night’ Seungho gives Na-kyum a chance to redeem himself by painting for him. Na-kyum tries but is unable to paint. Finally, Seungho tells him that if he does not paint for him, he will end up like Seungho’s assistant(whom Seungho killed in the previous season). The, Na-kyum finally gathers some courage and starts painting but ends up making something erotic which he vowed a year ago, that he would not make such paintings. He tears the painting and falls unconscious on the floor. Then, Seungho comes in and sees how Na-kyum made a painting but tored it into pieces. He rather seems thrilled than pissed at Na-kyum. The story is about their night together and will be continued in the upcoming seasons.


  • Yoon Seungho
  • Baek Na-kyum
  • Jihwa
  • Jung In-Hun

Painter of the Night Season 2 Trailer:

On 16th July 2020, the season 2 trailer was released of the famous anticipated Manhwa ‘Painter of the Night’. The trailer shows intimacy among the characters and how their relationship develops. Lezhin Comics released the trailer on their official YouTube channel and it has already crossed 164k views. You can watch the trailer below.

Painter of the Night Season 2 – Release Date:

The trailer announced the official launch of Season 2 of the most awaited comic series ‘Painter of the Night’. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the announcement and the fans had loved the trailer. Lezhin comics have their official website where you can read the comic series for free and can also subscribe to their premium package. For more such updates, stay tuned.

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