Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 – Release Date, New Skins and Perks Leaked

As Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 release is coming close to new details about new skins, maps, perks are pouring in by data miners. As most players call it CODm(Call of Duty Mobile) Season 8 is scheduled to end by end of this month. Published by Activision, ‘Call of Duty’ is a shooting video game based on the set of World War II. The series has launched several versions and has been modernized including outer space, futuristic world, and more. Season 8 was released recently and we have information regarding the upcoming one. Let us have a look at the details of Season 9.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 – Everything New

Before we jump in detail, we would like to make it official all mentioned addition are spotted by data miners and beta players of the game.

New Maps

Firstly, new maps have been found and fans have predicted it is a path for Season 9. Two new maps Rebirth and Breakdown will be released. From the previous maps, Pine from Gunfight map of Modern Warfare and Terminal map will also be included in Season 9.


There is not much information yet but Viktor Reznov and WW2 skins will be available and also there is no information regarding the Battle Pass. There might be the return of zombies which was discontinued after season 4. Some of the data miners have found Richtofen, who was one of the main characters from CoD: Mobile Zombies. If zombies mode does make a return then you will get to see maps like Nacht Der Untoten and Tranzit as well. New skins will also be available for the characters in the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 9. Some of the leaked images have been shown below.

There was supposed to be an image.
Skin 1 for Takeo.
There was supposed to be an image.
Skin 2 for Viktor Reznov
There was supposed to be an image.
A skin for Richtofen (Skin 3).
There was supposed to be an image.
Skin 4 for Undead Warden Crusader
There was supposed to be an image.
Skin 5 for Carver Butcher
There was supposed to be an image.
A skin for Vivian Harris (Skin 6)

New Scorestreak

As per our sources, Shield Turret Scorestreak has been added to the test server. Screenshots of the lightning streak were found earlier but it did not appear in season 8. Also, the system has been updated to have ten load-outs instead of present five. Class setups will also be granted along with a new gunsmith customization option.

Operator Skill

A new Operator Skill known as the ‘Equalizer’ will be added in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 which is inspired by Infinite Warfare. It is a dual integrated machine gun with suppressors for close or near range combats. Reports from our sources suggest that new vehicles also might be released. Players will also be able to use the emotes in the lobby now.

codm turret
CODM Turret – Upcoming in Season 9

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 New Perks:

The game will consist of multiplayer perks such as:

  • Restock (Red) – This new perk will provide players new power to equip two completely unique primary weapons at the cost of a secondary weapon.
  • Amped (Green) – Will give players the ability to take advantage of faster weapon swap and launcher reload speed
  • High Alert (Blue) – Players’ vision beats when adversaries outside of once view see them. Imprint adversary and their gear, scorestreaks by pointing down sights
There was supposed to be an image.
A leaked image of the vehicle that might be introduced.

Call of Duty Season 9 Release Date:

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will be released on 6th August 2020 and the game was released on the test server on 16th July 2020. When the test server went live, all the features were revealed and we do not know yet what to expect from the game although gamers are super excited for the Call of Duty Mobile Season 9. This game will surely bring new gameplay and players cannot wait. For more such information, stay tuned.

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