No Game No Life Season 2: Release Date – Production and Source Material

No Game No Life is one of those anime that stopped after a single season. There are many rumors on Season 2. However, nothing happens for years. No Game No Life Season 1 aired on Japanese Television in 2014. The anime spanned over 12 episodes and covered the starting story of the hit novel by Yū Kamiya. The manga is still running, and there is a lot of material to cover for a potential second season.

What Happened in Season 1?

The story focused on two siblings named Shiro and Sora. They are the undefeated champions of online gaming in the world. Both are named “The Blank”. As for the real-life,  they live an isolated life away from people. Their lives suddenly change when they are challenged by One True God. Tet is the god of games that resides in the King Chess Piece. In a game of chess, Shiro and Sora beat God. They receive the choice to live in a world where games decide the fate of people and violence is banned.

These siblings travel to Elkia in the dimension called Disboard. They soon find their way into the royal family of Elkia. Saving Stephanie Dola against Kurami by a Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, they both reside in the King’s Place. They want to help Stephanie to bring prosperity to their new home.

Soon, Shiro and Sora overthrow Kurami from the throne and get declared the King and Queen of Humanity. Tet visits the siblings to reveal that they have to gather all sixteen chess pieces from each species to challenge his title of God. The siblings accept the challenge and this is their ultimate goal now.

Both start devising strategies to find ways to challenge other nations. But the matters of Elkia bring them back to the nation. They learn that the country lost a lot of land to some cunning opponents. These were the werebeasts who tricked the previous king in the games for power. In this new challenge, the siblings win the games ultimately. The werebeasts keep their empire but Elkia and Eastern Federation share resources.

Season 2 Plot

The sibling will get a visit from the last dhampir, Plum. She seeks help from the emperors of Elkia to help her nation with the siren’s empress, Leila. They will try to wake the sleeping empress which is the only way to revive the species. Some of the secrets from the king’s library will also be investigated to figure out the mysterious home of the flügels.

The first season of No Game No Life was one of the best anime in 2014. Unfortunately, the series is still far from revival. It is a long story of Sora and Shiro conquering the sixteen nations. Still, far from completion in the novels. A long anime series could start on this unique plot.

No Game No Life Season 2

As of today, there is no official word on any production for the second season of No Game No Life. According to some sources, the news is expected to drop at the end of 2020. Hence, the expected release date for the anime could be in the year 2021 or 2022. Whenever the official announcement is made, we will let you know.

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