Oresuki Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

‘Oresuki’ is a Japanese Manga written by Rakuda. It was published in 2016 and illustrated by Buriki. In 2017, a series of the manga was aired and were said to have 5 tankobon volumes—season 1 aired from 2nd October 2019 to 25th December 2019. Currently, there are talks for Season 2. Let us understand the plot, cast, trailer, release date, and more about the series in detail further in the article.


The story revolves around Amatsuyu Kisaragi, who is a high school student. One day, he is invited by Sakura and his childhood friend Aoi. They confess that they like his best friend, Taiyo. He agrees to help the girls. But, later on, Taiyo realises she is already in love with Sumireko, who is a nerd.

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A still from an episode of ‘Oresuki.’

What to expect from Season 2?

Season 2 will probably continue the same romantic drama around the characters. The story will surely be repetitive, but the characters will be developed with a much individual storyline. The show will surely bring more refreshing content. Season 1 ended with the school library being saved. But, Sun-chan is still in love with Sumireko while Joro was trying to stop him from meeting her. Season 2 will show whether their relationship comes to an end with Joro succeeding or them developing feelings for each other. We will have to wait for Season 2 to know more.


The cast consists of various artists who have voiced for known characters before. Some of them are:

Amatsuyu Kisaragi (voiced by Daiki Yamashita)

Sumireko Sanshokuin (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu)

Aoi Hinata (voiced by Haruka Shiraishi)

Sakura Akino (voiced by Sachika Misawa)

Taiyo Oga (voiced by Yuma Uchida)

Hina Hanetachi (voiced by Shiori Mikami)

Chiharu Yoki (voiced by Nao Toyama)

Asaka Mayama (voiced by Shuka Saito)


It seems like the novel is much more elaborated than the anime. The story will surely revolve around the characters. The official trailer for Season 2 has not been announced yet. Till then, you can watch the trailer for Season 1. It has already crossed 138k views. You can watch it below.

Release Date:

According to many sources, the production company of the show will be changing to Aniplex of America. But, we have no kind of confirmation available yet. Also, no official announcement has been made regarding the dates. We will update you guys about the dates as soon as we get any details. Till then, stay tuned for more such updates.

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