Rick and Morty Season 5: Release Date and First Look

Rick and Morty Season 5 is still far from release as Season 4 was finished recently in May 2020. But the production is underway. Rick and Morty is a popular comedy cartoon featured on Adult Swim. It is one of the most popular series on the adult block in the United States. The official youtube channel gave us the first look at the Season 5 production animation. Take a look.

First Look Video – Rick and Morty Season 5

It is the early design for the animation with the voices already done. The main characters, Rick and Morty are under attack by something alien on the crystal planet. They are in the other dimension trying to escape the Gaint monster attacking them. While Rick is unconscious, Morty calls Jessica. He wants to confess his love to Jessica before the imminent death. Morty gets a date with her in the process so now he wants to survive somehow. They are saved after crashing into the ocean. But a new threat emerges, Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s eternal foe.

This scene is in the very early animation phase and from one of the episodes of Season 5. We get no background, just this first look. It tells us that the show is continuing and the studio wants to keep the fans updated.

Rick and Morty Season 5Release Date

The show was renewed in May 2020 after the last few episodes of Season 4 aired on Adult Swim. The same studio is handling the work on the new season as the previous season with Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon as the creators. There is no official release date for Season 5 yet. Considering the delays due to Coronavirus, the fifth season can be expected at the end of 2020 or in early 2021. The episodes are aired weekly on Adult Swim. Netflix also streams the series for its audience.

More on Season 5

Harmon revealed with his recent comments on Rick and Morty Season 5 that most of the plot for it is already written. The production team is working through Zoom sessions trying to maintain social distancing. Only the finale for the season is yet to be decided. This online mode of interaction is slowing the team down. But they are working on delivering it as soon as possible.

The new Mr. Nimbus’ character is curious as he claims to rule over the sea. He may look flimsy like Rick but both are supposed to be rivals. They had a treaty to not get on each other’s territory presumably. In any case, he wants Rick and Morty to face his wrath for breaking the treaty. They only landed in the Ocean by chance, avoiding death yet again. At the same time, Morty also has a date with Jessica.

I am sure we will get more content as the production moves forward. There is a lot for the team to work on. They have the limitations of quarantine working from home for the most part. I am sure the season will still have the usual quality that makes it so popular. Stay tuned with us for more news on series like this. Comment any thoughts that you have about it!

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