Dr. Stone Season 2: Overview of Stone Wars

Dr. Stone is a popular manga of modern age written around a post-apocalyptic world. Riichiro Inagaki wrote Dr. Stone in a very scientific and technological language to entertain and educate the audience at the same time. Some of the reactions are too complicated, though. It is a concept of building the world anew using general science. The science we often underestimate.

Season 1 of Dr. Stone Anime aired in 2019, covering the initial story. Humanity was petrified due to an unknown phenomenon after a green light shone in the sky. Despite turning into stone, they live in a state of deep sleep that can only be broken using a mixture of chemicals. Senku is a teenage student who woke up after the shell broke due to nitric acid produced in Bat caves. After learning this, Senku decides to revive his friend Taiju who possesses the stamina to do any work. Senku needs a helping hand in reviving the whole of humanity using his knowledge.

The main character Senku is a genius student excelling in scientific knowledge. He believes that everyone who was turned to stone should be given a second chance and revived. He figures out the formula to revive people with the help of Taiju. In a bad turn of events, they had to revive a martial artist to save them from a killer lion. This martial artist was Tsukasa, who kills the lion in one blow. Tsukasa vows to keep Senku safe from then onwards but soon betrays him due to the difference of opinions.

Tsukasa wants to rid the world from old people that have caused trouble for everyone. He wants to build an entire army of young people that rule over the new world. Senku doesn’t agree, and thus the war between brain and brawl breaks out.

Season 2 Release Date

Dr. Stone Season 2 is expected to release in January 2021. This is the timeline given by the studio, which is currently working on the season, despite the limitations due to the COVID pandemic. Season 1 is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

In Season 1, Tsukasa and Senku were building their armies staying apart. Senku managed to become the chief of Ishigami village, the only human settlement found on earth. At the same time, Tsukasa has found the recipe to revival fluid and built an army of notorious youngsters. Tsukasa previously believed that he killed Senku. The war between the two forces is imminent.

Season 2 is titled Stone Wars, indicating the upcoming conflict. Senku has one single goal for the battle. He wants to reinvent Gun. This could be his only advantage in opposition to Tsukasa and his goons. Senku already made a prehistoric cell phone that connects over long distances for better coordination. He wants to communicate with Taiju and Yuzuriha, who have gone to the Tsukasa army as spies. Senku is not a killer like Tsukasa.

He would want everyone to understand that his scientific community is the way forward. He also wants the control of the Bat Cave that provides the Nitric Acid for revival fluid. The war toward the future is on its way. Stay tuned for further updates. Provide your feedback in the comments below.

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