Absentia Season 4: When is it happening?

The Season 3 of Absentia TV series from Amazon’s Prime video channel was released two weeks ago. Starring Stana Katic, Matthew Le Nevez, and Patrick Heusinger, it is a crime drama directed by Oden Ruskin. Emily Bryne is a former FBI agent that went missing during one of her investigations. She was found after 6 years half dead and had remembered nothing. Absentia follows the story of Emily after that.

The first three seasons of Absentia were released in the last few years on the Prime Video platform. These comprise of 10 episodes each. The latest season 3 was released on July 17, 2020. If you have already watched it, you want to know the release date for the next season. However, even if the production plans to launch another season, the announcement will come after a few months. From the trend of the previous seasons, you can expect the next season in the fall of 2021. Season 3 was released on Prime Video instead of AXN due to the limitation due to Corona Virus. If the Pandemic stays, the production is bound to get delayed.

Nick and Emily are both FBI agents. Emily goes missing during her investigation of a known serial killer, Conrad Harlow. The serial killer is tried for murder and convicted. Nick gets remarried after Emily and takes care of their son. Emily is found after six years when Nick receives instructions to rescue her. She is found in a miserable state. Emily faces multiple challenges afterward, from Family and from her abductors.

Absentia Season 3

Nick has found himself in similar circumstances as Emily. Nick had gone missing and abducted for torture. Firstly, Emily is dealing with the aftermath of her previous actions, suspended from duty. She is having trust issues with every person now. Secondly, Nick is missing, and many people presume him dead. Meanwhile, he is tortured at an unknown location.

Help arrives only with the mysterious informant Kai who helps Emily with the search for Nick. The FBI doesn’t listen to her at this point, so she tags along with Cal to get to Nick on their own. With some thrilling events, Nick had already escaped in a destroyed state and was rescuing Refugees. Both of them eventually reunite after the escape. Elliot is still planning to use his bioweapon for terror. Dealing with Elliot should be the main task in the sequel season for this series.

None of the cast or production members has revealed anything about a sequel. They will want to wait for the response for the recent season. In a few weeks’ time, they could plan the next part of this story. However, the studios have limitations They could decide to delay the show for one or two years. Only time will tell.

Absentia is one of the popular series streaming on Prime Video right now. It is a well-made thriller featuring great actors that depict the story well. It will be nice if the series is continued on. We will bring you more updates here about this series. Stay tuned with us.

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