Virgin River Season 2
Official Poster for the Netflix Original romantic-drama 'Virgin River'.

‘Virgin River’ Season 2 Is Coming To Netflix – Release Date Updates

Developed by Sue Tenney ‘Virgin River’ is an American romantic TV show which is adapted from a novel with the same name by Robyn Carr. It premiered its first season on 6th December, 2019 on Netflix and was renewed for its second season. Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes with a runtime of 41-48 minutes. ‘Virgin River’ Season 2 is soon going to be dropped by Netflix, so let us understand a few details regarding the series.

Firstly, the plot of the series revolves around Melinda Monroe who works as a nurse practitioner in Virgin River. The story shows her past is painful and she wants to start afresh but things are not that easy. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger showing Mel being pregnant not knowing whose baby it is, Jack and Charmaine expecting a baby together which leads to Mel breaking up with him. Season 2 will also show the mysterious disappearance of Paige. There is not much information available regarding season 2 but fans are expecting that the story will follow the Harlequin book series by Robyn Carr.

Virgin River Season 2
A still from the finale of Season 1 of ‘Virgin River’.

The cast for Season 2 has not been revealed as of now. But, some of the characters who will be reprising their roles are known to us. They impressed us with their stellar performances earlier and are going to be returning soon with a second season. Some of them are:

Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe- the nurse who moves from LA to Virgin River.

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan- the restaurant owner who suffers from PTSD.

Colin Lawrence as John Middleton- a close friend of Jack.

Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes- Melinda’s elder sister.

Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea- Mayor of Virgin River.

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady- a fellow veteran of Jack from the Marines

Grayson Gurnsey as Rick- a young guy who wants to join the Marines after graduating.

Daniel Gillies as Mark Monroe- late husband of Melinda.

The trailer of ‘Virgin River’ Season 2 has not been released yet and Netflix usually releases the trailer close to the show’s release date. Until then, you can watch the trailer for Season 1 which Netflix released on 12th December 2019 on its official YouTube channel. It has already crossed 837k views. You can watch the trailer below.

The series was renewed for its second season in December 2019 and no announcement has been made regarding its official release date as of now. The filming has been completed but some post-production activities are remaining which have been postponed due to the pandemic. Originally, the new season was supposed to release in 2020 but fans can expect the date being postponed. Season 1 was left on a very dynamic note and fans are waiting to find out more about Mel. However, whenever the second season is released, it is surely going to be nothing short of a roller coaster ride for the viewers.