It’s All-Out War in One Piece Chapter 988!

One Piece Manga is getting very interesting after building up the arc for a long time. Kaido is the leader of the Beast Pirates which is one of the strongest pirate crews in the series. Most of the crew members have eaten Zoan type devil fruits. The elite members ate more rare devil fruits becoming total powerhouses. In addition to that, another Yonko Big Mom allied with the Beast Pirates. In the latest chapter of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy declared All-Out War against this crew!

In the build-up for Wano Country Arc, Straw Hat Crew led by Luffy gathered multiple allies to take down Kaido. This started from Punk Hazard where Law started this idea. Law and Luffy took down Doflamingo first as part of this plan. They cut the supply of the artificial devil fruit ‘Smile’ that is crucial for Kiado’s army. Straw Hats also met the Samurai at Dressrosa that became the next piece for this plan.

The Wano Country turned into a Weapons Factory after Kiado helped Orochi take over as Shogun. Previously, the defeated previous Shogun left his legacy to his Vassals. As it turns out, these vassals were the first to strike Kaido in this war that begins now. The Beast Pirates had no idea that such a large force had gathered against them. The Festival at Onigashima is raided by the Ninja-Mink-Pirate-Samurai Alliance.

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Luffy’s Role in this War

You should have noticed that the Straw Hats are scattered after landing on Onigashima. Each member is focusing on a special task along with the rest of the allies. None of them is involved in the main fighting. In all this, Luffy stepped up to declare War on the Beast Pirates and Kaido. Instead of leading his crew, Luffy’s words reached each member of the alliance. With his usual charisma, he has unleashed the full force of his allies on the Beast Pirates.

Among all this, another important detail was highlighted. The Minks can use Sulong on a Full Moon Night. Among the Vassals, the minks are Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. These two are strong Mink lords even without the Sulong powers. But on this specific night, they are ready to transform into something far stronger. It’s still not time for Luffy to face Kiado as these two minks can easily overpower a Yonko in Sulong form.

We still need to wait and see how the Minks change the course of this fight. Yamato is another key character allied to Straw Hats recently. Marco was seen with Peros, an elite member of Big Mom Pirates showing some understanding between them. We may see Big Mom withdraw and not participate at all. The circumstances keep getting favorable and we could even see Kiado and army defeated at the hands of this alliance. It’s still too early to predict.

As things stand, The outcome of this ‘All-Out War’ will pave the way for even bigger conflicts. The worst generation is causing waves that will tip all balances in the current world of One Piece. Are you excited about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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