My Hero Academia Original Anime Episode – New Release in August

My Hero Academia will have a new original episode streaming this month. This is one of the featured episodes that are separate from the Anime. However, these are still part of the actual plot. This original Episode will stream on Hulu on August 16 in Japan. It will also be available on other streaming sites later. 

“My Hero Academia: Survive! Do-or-Die Survival Training” is the title for this Episode. It covers the joint training of Class 1-A in a disaster scenario. In this drill, they are divided into two groups trying to rescue dummies trapped in a fire, facing many challenges despite their 10 member teams. This Episode features the training right before the Provisional Pro Hero Exam. The Class is trying to test their skills in a drill that tests their disaster management response. The Hero Exam is already covered in Season 4.

This thriller will feature on Hulu as an Original Episode followed by the Season 5. My Hero Academia Season 5 is already announced for next year. It moves the plot forward, bringing the new revelations that are already featured in the Manga. I won’t spoil it for you, but Deku will unlock a major power-up in the coming season. Do not miss that as well.

Poster for Season 5

The new original Episode covering a particular training arc was announced in a recent Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue. It is the events before the plot of Season 4 released as a bonus episode for the fans only available on the selected streaming site.

The Plot for the “New” Episode

If you remember the pro hero license test from Season 3, it involved most members of Class 1-A applying to get it. The original Episode will cover the training session before that test. The Class is divided into two separate teams. These teams are given tasks to save dummy survivors from disaster scenarios. Deku, along with 9 other members, has to rescue people from a fire. They try to save as much as they can, but the scenarios are dangerous. There is much unknown stuff going on, and they only have their quirks to use as the defense.

Through this training, they get the idea of Hero’s Duty and Teamwork. Everyone has a different quirk suitable for a particular problem. Success is only possible if the heroes work together. Especially in disaster situations. This Episode wants to highlight that spirit for the fans.

The Episode is only releasing on different Online Streaming Sites in Japan. It’s hard to tell if someone other than Hulu will make it available for the outside audience. You might have to wait for the Episode to become more accessible. It may not be streamable out of Japan. As for the upcoming Season 5, the excitement is building. We were promised by the creators that Deku would become the greatest Hero in this series. Starting from a quirkless kid, he has come a long way—more power for the prodigy. The plot is just getting more interesting. This is all for this article. Provide your feedback about this in the comments below.

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