Dr. Stone Chapter 162 – The Unexpected Advantage for Kingdom of Science

The main character of Dr. Stone, the genius scientist Senku almost died in the manga. This is his second time in a life-threatening situation. Previously, He was mortally attacked by Tsukasa in the build-up for the first Arc. This time, Senku was snipped down by the Scientific Kingdom established in America. The main members of the Kingdom of Science traveled to the USA for its famous corn crop. Senku needs it to make the Ethanol needed for large amounts of revival fluid.

The crew is faced with an unexpected challenge. They find out that another scientist Dr. Xeno has exceeded Senku in scientific research and already made Guns. The Kingdom of Science is far from reaching this type of technology. Its a survival game for them. In this instance, they trick the enemy into thinking that Dr. Taiju is the main scientist on the Ship. Nevertheless, Senku is found out and shot right into the chest by a sniper rifle bullet. Senku improvises a makeshift shield that can shatter the bullet but the shrapnel reaches his body.

Xeno and his team think that Senku is dead. They can now force a surrender out of the rest of the members. What they don’t know is that the elite fighters of the Kingdom of Science and the trainee Scientist Chrome have already reached the enemy base. They plan to dig a tunnel through the ground into the enemy base to catch them in surprise. Xeno would not expect this and if the base is taken, the Kingdom of Science can take over.

The Upcoming Final Battle

The tunnel would take two weeks to make. Chrome had invented drill for this task at the spot. The knowledge gained from Senku can be seen already. The attack on the ship of the Kingdom of Science is also delayed for the same period. After getting the petrification device, Xeno has gotten more careful. He wants to complete his invention before heading into the final battle.

Senku and the rest of the people already know that an attack is already imminent. Xeno does not know that Kingdom of Science has a team of elite warriors along with a backup Scientist working to get into his base. This is an advantage. Senku will also recover in two weeks. It is now the preparation for that final fight.

While Senku heals in the ship safely, Chrome leads the team into the enemy base. The fighters like Hyoga and Tsukasa can tear everything apart if they can get inside. Even if they are found out before that, an epic fight will follow. Dr. Xeno’s forces have an apparent advantage due to their guns. The team will together to figure something out against that as well.

Anyhow, this is science vs science. But Dr. Xeno’s evil ways cannot be acceptable to Senku. He will want to negotiate some kind of peace treaty with the forces of Dr. Xeno. If Senku can convince Xeno to join the Kingdom of Science, the path to further advancements for humanity can open up.

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