Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2: First Trailer and Release Date

Haikyuu Season 4 (To the Top) Part 2 is announced for the fall of this year. The original release date was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. The part 1 for Season 4 aired on the television as a cour (three-month run time). Haikyuu is a popular sports anime that puts its focus on a young high school Volleyball team.

The Release Date for Season 4 Part 2 of Haikyuu starting from episode 14 is October 2, 2020. Episode 14 is titled “Challengers”. This announcement came with a brand new trailer for the anime posted on the twitter channel of Anime TV. You can also find similar content on the official site of Haikyuu.

The trailer features some of the key visuals from the upcoming season. It is about the upcoming match with the second-best team in the Tournament. The newest episode will air on the MBS, TBS and BS-TBS channels on the above-mentioned date. Haikyuu’s latest episodes are also available to stream on Crunchyroll.

In part one of Haikyuu (To the Top), the Karasano team prepares for the Spring Nationals. They had intense matches in the way of qualifying for this huge tournament. They get to train for a few months before the event is officially underway. The team joins different training centers in the wait for the tournament to polish their skills. When the day of the tournament comes, the team is expected to compete well against other teams. The format of the tournament does not allow losing. If they were to lose at any stage, they will get knocked out.

Karasano had their first match with the Tsubakihara team. They win the match with a slight margin and proceed to the next round. The team looked sharp and played their best game. Asahi finishes the match with his decisive blow. Many other key matches take place afterward as the first day ends.

Part 2 Overview

Now, Karasuno faces the Inarizaki High on the second day. Inarizaki was the runner-up team in the previous tournament and one of the favorites to win. This puts Karasuno High’s team into quite a lot of pressure. Even after winning their first match, the team didn’t expect to face such a hard team right away. The match starts with full intensity. Most of the crowd cheers up Inarizaki making it an even harder challenge. Inarizaki is caught off guard when Hinata pulls off an extraordinary jump even if Karasuno is trailing. Karasuno will do their best to win.

Karasuno team will gain enormous confidence if they can take down the team like Inarizaki. They had worked very hard to get to this stage. Karasuno will want to win the tournament. For that, the best performance is crucial. We will find out the actual result when the episode comes out. There are other brilliant teams in the tournament posing similar difficulty. Karasuno could have a very hard time getting through. Haikyuu has remained as the top sports anime. Despite being a relatively less popular sport, the anime delivers the game in the best possible way. Be sure to check it out on the official source.

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