The God of HighSchool Episode 7 – Updates and Release Date

The God of Highschool is one of the new anime with a powerful protagonist. Jin Mo-Ri is trained in a modified form of taekwondo which uses the borrowed power from higher beings giving him superhuman strength. Even though he is a clumsy and forgetful high school student, he is competing in the biggest martial arts competition in Korea. This competition is “The God of Highschool” tournament. The winner gets any wish granted as the prize.

This is one of the Crunchyroll original based on the webtoon manhwa written by Yongje Park. The God of Highschool Episode 7 is scheduled to release on August 17, 2020. Crunchyroll releases new episodes every week on its streaming service.

This show is a bit different than Japanese anime. It has a more aggressive style and an upbeat music collection. At the same time, The story is emotionally engaging because it borrows inspiration from many popular cultures. Despite its Korean origins, this story is inspired by the Japanese media. It reminds me the most of the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama. Anyhow, you will enjoy it for the most part.

What is the Show About?

Jin Mo-Ri participates from the Seoul region. During the preliminaries, he met Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra. These three were the top fighters in the preliminaries. They were put into a team to compete in the main tournament. They will work together now. As this tournament started, the secret organization Nox has made its move.

Jin Mo-Ri has a grandfather. Make no mistake, Jin Tae-Jin is far stronger than Jin Mo-Ri. Nox contacted to recruit him for the organization but he refuses. This brings a huge attack far beyond anything seen in the series on Jin Tae-Jin. We have no idea if he survived. Point is, Nox has some very powerful members and they plan to sabotage the tournament.

As Jin Rae is persistent, he may get in the way of Nox at some point. This will bring his grandfather into the mix. Jin was brought up and trained by his grandfather. Jin would want to rescue him instead of winning the tournament. The biggest help would come from The Six in this regard. These are the strongest fighters that have gathered against Nox.

“The God of HighSchool” Tournament – First Round

Jin is a prodigy aiming only to become stronger. The Tournament also attracted some of the strongest martial artists. These fighters borrow their techniques from the Gods. It is the perfect opportunity for Jin to show his true power. It feels like he can go beyond these simple kick attacks. In this first round, we will get to see that.

This show is just in the introduction phase and we got some awesome fights. The fighting scenes are well done. The pacing of the anime is also fine. We are heading into the main tournament. The first match is the Seoul team against the. Jin, and, will show what they can do together. The legendary moon sword could also make a comeback. It just getting exciting so don’t miss the upcoming episodes. Do provide your feedback in the comments below. What do you think about the God of Highschool anime?

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