Goku is not Dead, Yet! Merus to the Rescue

Fans were shocked when Goku was impaled through the chest. Moro went on a rampage after gaining a new power-up sending a beam through Piccolo as well. Goku and Piccolo were fatally injured but Moro left them alive to absorb their life force later. They were barely hanging on. Moro is unbeatable at this point after taking down Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 17 and 18 with no much effort. His spree was interrupted by the appearance of Merus.

Merus is a trainee Angel directly related to the Guide Angels and Grand Priest. He was the elite best patrolman for the Galactic Patrol. After the breakout at the Prison, Merus helped Goku in the training to control Ultra Instinct. Merus is proficient in Ultra Instinct just like his brother Whis. Merus stayed on the sidelines before now. However, he makes an appearance as the entire force was wiped out. The next chapter is about the fight between Moro and Merus.

Moro is considerably stronger after absorbing Seven Three. He looked miserable against Vegeta before. But with this new form, he brought each one of them on their knees. Merus is different than the others. He is an angel that falls in the category of God-life form. There is a possibility that Whis will interfere if Merus is in grave trouble. The same scenario could arise as it happened against Black Goku. Zeno erased him as he was unbeatable for any of the fighters.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Raw Scans Leaked

The upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super is titled “Merus’s Resolution”. The first few pages of Chapter 62 reveal the following details. When Merus arrived at Earth, he transported the injured out of the reach of Moro before saving Jaco. Goku and others are safe and Dende is healing them in the background. Whis is present in the vicinity as well. As Moro makes sense of the situation, Merus attacks him with full intensity. Moro realizes that he is facing a superior force right now.

Merus is only fighting Moro to buy time for Goku to recover, revealing that he wants to complete the training of Goku. Goku can use Ultra Instinct Omen on will. This level is not enough to beat Moro at this point. The only trump card could come if Goku can activate the Mastered Ultra Instinct. The Saiyans can push through their limits when they face dire situations.

Dende can heal Goku and he will make his way back to the fight. Merus may succeed in holding Moro off till then. After all, the DBS manga would want to continue the tradition of finishing Arc with the final act from Goku. We still don’t know if this is the final form of Moro. It will be interesting to see the next move from the evil Wizard as well.

Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super Manga will release on August 20, 2020, in the latest issue of V Jump Manga. The latest chapters are available on the Manga Plus Site by Shueisha. Read on the official source to support the writers.

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