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The Family Man Season 2 Release Date And Cast Details

The Family Man is an action-based drama web television series which is originated from the Indian sub-continent. The story of the series focuses on the normal middle-class man from the general public working secretly for a National Investigation Agency as an intelligence officer for the T.A.S.C. The series was initially released on the Association’s summer press tour.  The series gained positive comments from the experts in the entertainment industry. To make the visual script available for the general public audience, it was released in September 2019 through video-on-demand service, Amazon Prime. The series is directed by Raj & D.K. On a trail run, the first season of the series is created with 10 episodes.

Many might have known the fact that Amazon Prime showing extra attention to the Indian entertainment industry, especially due to the amount of audience that the Indian industry holds worldwide. Amazon has signed many agreements with production companies across the Indian for creating unique scripts. This is one such entertainment series developed with the collaboration with the Indian production company. The production companies involved in developing the series are Amazon Studios and D2R Films. Based on the feedback from the entertainment critics, the development has renewed the series for the second and third seasons.

The Family Man season 2 is not yet officially confirmed from the production. Many television series and films have already postponed the release date due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. It’s said that there won’t be any changes in the release date of the series. The Family Man season 2 will be released within this year if everything goes as per the plan. Many production companies have resumed the shooting progress with the proper precautionary measures to stay away from the deadly virus. Similar to the first season of the series, fans can watch the second season through the video-on-demand service, Netflix. As of now, these are the information related to the released date and streaming details of the series.

The Family Man
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Who Are The Cast Included In The Family Man Season 2?

Many performance artists from the Indian entertainment industry enhanced the script from skillful acting. As announced earlier, the main cast of the series is performed by Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari performs as the intelligence officer for the T.A.S.C. Priyamani joins the script as Srikant’s wife, Sharib Hashmi (J.K. Talpade) guides Srikant as his colleague working at J.K. Talpade, Kishore (Imraan Pasha) performs as Force One leader who leads the crew on achieving their missions. Gul Panag (Saloni) comes as a T.A.S.C. overall lead commanding officer who commands the officers in their daily tasks. Other than these casts, the are many performance artists who have uplifted the minor portions of the series through their experience acting.


Plot details of Family Man Season 2 are not yet revealed yet. Similar to the other television series, plot details of the series will be out only a few days before the actual release date. We need to wait for some time to get the official confirmation over the plot details of the series. The core theme of the script will be maintained with a few corrections in the commercial aspect. It’s important for every script to restructure based on the audience’s feedback and response, which will be helpful in the long run. The last episode of the first season has ended with few unanswered questions to maintain the interest towards the second season.

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