One Piece Chapter 988 – Against Two Emperors

In the newest One Piece Chapter 988, Kaido and Big Mom, two Yonko to deal with, the ultimate battle is underway. This chapter is leaked online before the release on the official website. Big Mom is attacking the Straw Hats for ruining yet another feast for her. Kaido and his subordinates are up against the Minks. The Minks from Zou have activated Sulong in the full moon. The Three Musketeers under Duke Inurashi and Guardians of Whale Forest turned white and grew beastly appearance. On the positive side, Sanji used his invisibility suit to rescue Momonosuke.

The Beast Pirates realize the plan of Minks to chose the day of the full moon for the raid. After the initial attack on Kaido, his subordinates have gathered to protect their boss. In these fighters protecting Kaido, Jack is present. The Minks have a deep grudge against Jack. This is a perfect opportunity for the musketeers and guardians to hit him back for the torture on Zou. The Mink Lords will have the strongest Sulong forms that are only suitable for the Beast that is Kaido.

Luffy is engaged with Big Mom instead of Kaido. He was alarmed after a strong attack from King sent Sanji flying. Leaving Momonosuke with Yamato, Luffy has rushed to help Sanji. This is when Big Mom interrupted Luffy and summoned Zeus. Nami and the others get in danger as well. Zeus cannot disobey Big Mom and goes back to her. In this instance, Brook slices through Zeus while Franky lands an attack directly on Big Mom. Even if it is against two Yonko, the straw hats are confident. This only shows their growth in all this time.

Minks and Sulong

The minks are unusually powerful in the Sulong form. This is only activated on a full moon. Only a few strong minks can control it. The Mink lords are said to be the strongest team when they activate Sulong. They can also retain this form for a long time. Carrot was the first one to use Sulong in One Piece during the end of Big Mom Arc. Her body got bigger and her hair got longer and white. She showed incredible speeds as a result. However, she could not stay in this form for long. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are different. As the members of Roger Pirates at one time, they were incredibly strong if they work as a team.

Despite their strengths, Kaido is in another league. He has amazing endurance and strength and he can get through this night despite the threat from the Mink Lords. His subordinates are also very strong and hard to beat. There were some indications that Marco will convince Big Mom out of this battle but we will see about that. There is no clear outcome for this showdown yet.

One Piece is delayed for another week for the next chapter. These delays are due to the ongoing pandemic according to some sources. The Official Release Date for One Piece Chapter 989 is 4 September 2020. This is subjected to change and the chapter could leak early as well. For more information and the latest chapters of One Piece, visit the official release site Manga Plus by Shueisha.

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