One Piece Episode 938 – Release Date and Spoilers

The rebellion is starting at the Prison and it is only getting exciting. Previously, Luffy was imprisoned in the largest prison in Wano after his deadly encounter with Kaido. They want to break his spirit and dreams in this place. But Luffy has found valuable allies at this place instead. On the contrary, he is training his Haki for round 2 against Kaido.

The Release Date for Episode 938 of One Piece is August 23, 2020, which is titled “Shaking the Nation! The Identity of Ushimitsu Kozo The Chivalrous Thief”. The latest episodes of One Piece are streamed on Crunchyroll along with the release on Fuji Television.

One Piece anime is in the Wano Country Arc. The Straw Hat crew landed at the Samurai Country to take down Kaido and the Shogun Orochi. This country is under oppression and a rebellion is underway to take down the evil emperor. The minks from Zou, the pirate alliance of Straw Hat and Heart Pirates, and the Ninja are gathering the forces in the country for this purpose. 

In the background, Straw Hat Luffy is imprisoned in the country. At this prison, Hyogoro is another prisoner accompanying Luffy. He is one of the mafia bosses. After finding out that Kinemon and the Akazaya Samurai are alive, Hyogoro offered to help the rebellion. He will convince the prisoners to join the battle in exchange for freedom. This will greatly help in the upcoming fight.

Episode 938 Spoilers

Some of the details were already shown in the preview for the next episode. As we know, Chopper is leading Big Mom to the prison where Luffy is held with the others. Big Mom lost all memory. She is being led to this place to fulfill one of her hunger fits. We know how devastating her hunger fits can be. She doesn’t listen to anyone if her favorite food is not given to her on time. Luffy and others ate all of the red bean soup and Big Mom will be mad. 

At the same time, an unexpected thing will happen in the country. One of the noble lords who went into hiding, Ushimitsu Kozo got arrested. He was only thought of as a common thief but the Shogun Orochi recognized him. Orochi is very annoyed by the recent uprisings in the country and he will put Kozo on the execution platform to empower his position. This will shock people as it is their beloved lord in danger. 

At the same time, Big Mom will reach the Prison soon. After losing her memory, she will go on a massive rampage as she could not find her favorite food. Queen is present at the same place and this could turn into a huge battle between these two. As for the execution of one of the noblest lords under Oden, it will cause new waves among the people. This will only burn the fire of revolution in more Samurai. The uprising is not far and it will be followed by a huge battle.

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