One Piece Episode 939 – Spoilers and Release Date

The previous episode focused mostly on the character called Ushimitsu Kozo. He is a common thief from the Wano Country who steals food to help the poor people. Unfortunately, he was found out by the guards this time. The real identity of Kozo was found out when he was being tortured. We know that he is someone important presumed dead.

This character is Tonoyasu. Even during the torture, he kept smiling. Tonoyasu is the father of the young child, Toko accompanying Zoro. She has the same smile on her face even as she despairs for her father. Tonoyasu got apprehended as the thief who usually causes problems in the flower capital. The Shogun Orochi seemed to have a grudge against him and wants him executed.

In the next episode, we will learn about the true stature of Tonoyasu before Orochi took over in the Wano Country. We will also learn about the truth behind the SMILE. The Release Date for One Piece Episode 939 is August 30, 2020. You can watch the newest episode on the official streaming services like Crunchyroll.

Episode 939 Spoilers

Ushimitsu Kozu was never found before now. While He has committed countless theft in the flower capital and gives the loot to the starving public in the country, it was not Tonoyasu. After finding out about the revolution started by Kinemon and others, Yasu gave himself up to the Flower Capital as Kozu. We still do not know about the strategy behind this. But now he is up for execution. A large crowd is gathering and Orochi wants to execute Tonoyasu in the same place.

As for the true identity of Tonoyasu, he is the former daimyo of Hakumai. He was a very influential personality in the Wano Kingdom. He went into hiding after the take over by Orochi. Yasu is such a famous person that even an outsider like Zoro recognized his name. The Straw Hats want to do their best to stop this execution, to save the father of Toko and a valuable ally.

Orochi wants to make a name for himself. There is a rumor of revolution in the country. As a result, Orochi will make the execution public to strengthen his position and spread his fear. Nevertheless, This will have the opposite effect. Tonoyasu will reveal information about the SMILE. This is the devil fruit that was made by Ceaser and supplied to Kaido through Doflamingo. He tells the crowd about the origin and impact of this devil fruit.

Some of the People will get frustrated with the current regime after learning about it. Tonoyasu will recruit some more hidden Samurai for Kinemon and his forces. Sadly, he will be shot before he can do anything else. Somewhere else, Luffy is up against Queen at the prison. A large force is ready at that site as well. They are planning to wreak havoc as soon as Queen is defeated. The preparation for the battle is going well. Wano Country Arc is only getting interesting. It will be interesting to watch what happens after the execution of Tonoyasu.

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