The God of High School Episode 9 – Release Date

The God of Highschool tournament is underway where the top 3 players from different regions of Korea fight against each other in 1v1 battles. The winner gets one of his wishes granted. When the tournament starts, a mysterious organization seeks to disrupt the tournament. That organization is Nox. However, they are up against The Seven who is presiding over this tournament. Nox is portrayed as a cult that doesn’t like the ways of this tournament. The members of Nox have even infiltrated the tournament as contestants.

In the first round, Jin Mori was eliminated trying to use acupuncture to get stronger. However, the rest of the two in his team performed well. Unfortunately, Han Daewi later got himself eliminated for interfering in another match. Their future has become unclear in the tournament.  The Release Date for Episode 9 of The GOH is August 30, 2020. This is one the Crunchyroll original series featured on the website for streaming.

Most of the strong characters in this series use Charyeok. These have different appearances but they are all very deadly. This is a power that is new and intimidating for Jin and his team. They are surprised by the strength of some of the contestants at the tournament. A few of the first round matches are complete and the rest of the tournament is still to come. We still don’t know how the next round will be set up. Only one of the teams can win

Episode 8 Review

Jin was told of the attack on his grandfather led by Nox. It was implied that his grandfather was gravely injured during the fight. This means that the huge sword Charyeok that fell on him was enough to defeat him. Jin has received the picture of his abducted grandfather along with a map to reach him.  Jin is also aware that he is not the strongest fighter right now. He needs to train to face Charyeok users. At the same time, he wants to do it without obtaining Charyeok himself.

We know that Jin cannot survive like this and he will gain his own Charyeok as the power-up next. His friends are also trying similar tactics to improve their strength. Park Ilpyo’s conversation with Jin about his grandfather revealed the details of their childhood. Park uses Taekkyon showing incredible speeds. He motivates Jin to get even stronger from here on. The organization Nox is getting annoying for the tournament. They attacked one of the commissioners previously. Q was strong enough to get out of the situation. If all the commissioners are this strong, Nox won’t disrupt the tournament easily.

However, now it is an open war between the two. Jin is also getting into this as his grandfather is abducted by Nox. He is already worried about his grandfather but the picture complicates things even more. He has to go to the location and investigate it himself. This could affect his dream to win the tournament. The struggle to free his grandfather from a powerful organization starts. More exciting stuff coming in this trending anime!

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