Top 10 Anime to Watch in September 2020

After a long delay due to the Pandemic, anime studios are dropping new episodes every week now. These are the top 10 anime to watch in September 2020. Some of these are ongoing anime while others are already finished. You can find most of these on platforms like Crunchyroll that usually has English subtitles as well. 

1. Rent A Girlfriend

This is a romantic comedy anime based on the popular trend of renting a girlfriend. Kazuya Kinoshita decides to try this trend after having a heartbreaking break-up.

2. Tower of God

This is another anime based on a Korean Manhwa which was finished a few months ago. Tower of God is about a boy trapped in a huge tower with only one person available to him. The tower has many floors and each floor has its own unique challenge.

3. The God of High School

Based on a Korean Web Manhwa, this anime is one of Crunchyroll originals. It is about a young man named Jin Mori who competes in the God of Highschool tournament to become stronger than anyone. It is a thriller with great animation and music.

4. Listeners

Listeners is about a post-apocalyptic world where the people have to defend themselves with music. The earth has forgotten about music and people live awful lives. The life of a young boy Echo changes when he meets a player named Muu.

5. Fruit Basket 

This is an ongoing anime that premiered their second season this year. Tohru Honda lives with some boys after losing her living place in exchange for housekeeping. Fruit Basket is based on one of the best Shojo manga. 

6. Boruto

This anime is the ongoing sequel series to one of the most popular series ever made, Naruto. The story follows the Son of the seventh Hokage and his team. A very great manga arc is soon to be animated in the series. 

7. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!

This anime is based on the Seinen Demographic manga where we follow a young highschool boy in his daily life. It is a romantic humorous series that is now in its third season. 

8. Re: Zero

This anime is another series based on Senien light novels. A young boy is summoned into another world. Here on, he has trouble socializing with the new people at first but figures it out soon. This is an adventure anime with dark fantasy incorporated into the plot. 

9. Kingdom 

The third season of Kingdom was started in 2020 which was postponed after a few episodes. The rest of the episodes are expected to come out soon. You can watch the previous seasons until you wait for this wonderful anime to resume again. 

10. One Piece 

This is one of the longest-running anime of all time. Now at 930+ episodes, the anime is now in the Wano Country Arc. This particular arc is very important as it is the battle of Straw Hats along with allies against two emperors of Sea. 

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