Black Clover Chapter 262

Black Clover Chapter 262 Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks & Read Online!

Last Week, Black Clover took a break for an unknown reason, however, that’s not the case this week. Black Clover Chapter 262 is airing, and judging from how it ended last week, readers are as excited as ever for the upcoming episode. And, as usual, we have got our hands filled with some early leaks and details regarding the upcoming chapter of Black Clover manga.

The previous chapter of Black Clover was titled, Shadows of Night. The chapter released in the 38th Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, as for the plot, it revolves around the event at a hospital in Clover Kingdom’s capital. Based on the tests, Owen performs, it is clear that Asta’s life is far from danger, however, Owen seems clueless about Asta’s right arm. As for the injured members of Golden Dawn, the other recovery mages are doing their best to heal them.

He further added, the entire Black Bulls made it out without any big injuries. Thanks to Asta and Yami’s continued fight against Dante. Regardless of how much they tried, the Dark Triad took Captain Yami as a captive. As soon as Asta regains his consciousness, he instantly realizes that he needs to search for Yami. Whatsoever, poor Asta boy couldn’t even move his body anymore and ends up meeting Nacht, a shadow magic-user. Asta mistook Nacht for a member of the Dark Triad and tries to attack him, however, Nacht ties him down with his shadow magic and reveals himself as the vice-captain of Black Bulls.

The chapter ends with, Nacht telling Asta that the human that cannot defeat him has no chance of rescuing captain Yami. Nacht then reveals that he will be teaching Asta how to use the devil’s power. Will Asta be able to get past this depression? We will surely get an answer to this in Black Clover Chapter 262.

Black Clover 262 –

With the introduction of Black Bulls Vice Captain, things sure are getting heated among Black Clover fans. The upcoming chapter will reveal the reactions of other squad leaders and the Wizard King. Since, Yuno is depressed, we can also expect a reunion of Asta and Yuno, where Asta does his best to cheer Yuno up. I wonder how Asta will react to Yuno being the Spade Kingdom’ prince. Keeping speculations aside, the spoilers for Black Clover manga are out! So without any further ado, let us start with the leaks for Chapter 262 of Black Clover manga –

Spoilers –

I wouldn’t be so sure if you felt the same way, but I ended up being tricked by the way Nacht looks. Turns out, Nacht is a guy and he does act like male Nero, grabbing Asta’s cheeks(as per the raw scans).

All the Squad Captains, Yuno and the Wizard King get to know about what happened at the Black Bulls hideout. Fuegoleon seems really upset about this. Yami’s character has been really complex up until now. However, he’s important enough for everyone else to go save him, no matter what.

Nacht makes a great entry and tells everyone about what he’s seen in the Spade Kingdom so far. Moreover, a demon is visible on his shoulders, and as per the rough translations, the name of Nacht demon is, Gimgero. More details regarding this chapter will soon be added to the website. Please stay tuned until further updates.

Release Date –

Black Clover Chapter 262 will be out on Sunday, 30 August 2020 in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #40. Black Clover releases its new chapter every Sunday. You can read the Black Clover manga officially on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are usually out 2-3 days prior to the official release date. We highly condemn the usage of illegal streaming websites to watch anime or read the manga.

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