Boruto: Episode Titles and Schedule – September 2020

Boruto anime resumed last month after a long delay period. The production studio started to drop the episodes regularly as the Corona Pandemic faded away. Since July, The newest episodes of Boruto manga are regularly telecasted on the TXN network (TV Tokyo) every Sunday at 5:30 pm JST. The subbed version is available on sites like Crunchyroll and Animelab. The dubbed version of the anime is televised separately for which the online distributor is Funimation. English dubbed episodes have a separate time slot on the Adult Swim channel. 

The following is the full episode schedule for September along with the titles. 

Episode 164: “The Deadly Kinjutsu” on September 6, 2020

Episode 165: “The Duty of the Quadruplets” on September 13, 2020

Episode 166: “A Battle to the Death”  on September 20, 2020

Episode 167: “Both of Their Resolutions” on September 27, 2020

Boruto Anime is entering the Kara Actuation arc. Kara is a mysterious organization working hidden from the world. Sasuke has heard rumors of this organization. He was seen investigating about Kara with Sai at the Hidden rain village. But before getting into that arc, the anime is showing its own storyline. All the content from episode 154 is “anime-only”. It is not related to the plot of Boruto Manga. In this anime only content, we got a few stand-alone episodes. Now, the team 7 headed by Konahamaru is at the Land of silence for a Mission. This filler arc is expected to continue until episode 170 according to some sources.

The next main arc in this series is the Kara Arc. This is an organization with strong members operating from the shadows. There is a possibility that Kawaki is related to this organization. If you remember the start of anime, Kawaki is the one that was seen wreaking havoc at the Leaf Village. Boruto is becoming less enjoyable due to the fillers in the series. These regular missions similar to the fillers from Naruto anime are annoying. The producers should give more thought into the plot. 

There are high hopes for the Kara Arc as the manga is already getting full hype about the same arc. Momoshiki invaded the leaf village to disturb the Chunin exam and then a huge fight followed. Back then, Boruto landed the final blow on Momoshiki. As a result, he received a mark on his hand. This is called Karma. Karma is a very strong spell of the Otsutsuki clan. Momoshiki remains in the consciousness of Boruto. Boruto can even lend power from this spell. While Momoshiki is no longer alive, he is still existing inside Boruto. 

Naruto and Sasuke are the strongest Ninjas in the world. They defeated Kaguya in a huge battle after everyone fell victim to her plans with help from Sakura. Later, Momoshiki invaded earth and these two were overpowered. This means that they need even more power. Rather, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki need to surpass their predecessors to become the next protectors of Leaf village. They will need to work together and train hard to achieve this goal. Of course, they have the Hokage and his trusted friend till then.

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