One Piece Episode 940: Release Date and Preview

The Wano Country was destroyed on multiple levels after Orochi took over the Island with the help of Kaido. The Beast Pirates still support him in exchange for the multiple weapon factories and resources from the people. Ever since the Straw Hats got into the country, they have witnessed the unfair practices of Orochi and his subordinates. The latest victim of Orochi’s cruelty is Tonoyasu.

It was revealed that Tonoyasu is a former Daimyo that served under the Kozuki family long ago. He is a well-respected individual loyal to the Shogun. His real name is Shimotsuki Yasuie, a very close person to Kozuki Oden at one time. Yasuie also knows the other Samurai and he supports the revolution planned against the current Shogun Orochi.

Yasuie has been living among the common people for 20 years. He made an appearance against the forces of Orochi after learning about the presence of Kinemon and his companions in the country. From what we understand, he wants to pull the attention to himself. Yasuie is succeeding in his goal. He has openly declared that he is not the thief known as Ushimitsu Kozo.

In the next episode, we will witness the death of Tonoyasu executed by Orochi’s order. Tonoyasu will reveal key information about the SMILE devil fruit. It is related to the strange smiling state of many of the people of Wano. The preview also hinted at a furious reaction from Zoro after the execution. The Release Date of One Piece Episode 940 is September 7, 2020.

Tonoyasu on the brink of Execution

One Piece has slowed its pace down quite a bit. The Wano Country Arc is very detailed and in line with the manga. This incident with Tonoyasu is the turning point in the story. His sacrifice will gather all the allies to this very spot. The fire of revolution will burn stronger. It is clear to everyone that Orochi will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t like his way of ruling the country. To strengthen his position, Orochi is willing to do anything.

Another key information is about the SMILE. You might have seen that many of the characters were laughing even though they are having a very sad moment. Tonoyasu himself is known to have never smiled and had a very tough personality as the Daimyo. The child found with Zoro, the girl Toko, suffers from the same condition. She is very desperate to save her father but the smile doesn’t go away. This is connected to the SMILE devil fruit created by Ceaser for Kaido. The story behind these people will shock you.

Zoro will also be affected after learning about this condition. He will have a serious reaction to this. Tonoyasu is letting everyone know that Orochi is a very evil shogun. The Wano under Lord Oden was a thriving place with beautiful scenery. Orochi has ruined most of the country in his greed for power. The SMILE scandal is also a part of his disregard for the people of Wano. It is time for the Samurai to take the country back!