Popular Webtoon Noblesse Receives Crunchyroll Original Anime!

If you have been keeping up with popular webtoons, then you must be aware of Noblesse already. If you aren’t, here is a quick brief summary for Noblesse –

The story revolves around, Nobles, an ancient race of immortal supernatural beings. Back in the time, they were referred to as rulers and gods. Among the nobles, there was “Noblesse”, a powerful individual that stands atop all beings. Upon awakening after almost 820 year-long sleep, Rai searches for his loyal servant Frankenstein. Upon finding him being the director of Ye Ran High School, the Noblesse and Frankenstein live together to experience life in the modern world.

Up until now, the series did receive a short series called “Noblesse: Awakening”, however, it did not receive as much attention. So, Crunchyroll has decided to bring this series as a Crunchyroll Original, just like the Tower of God and God of High School. As per the recent update from our sources, Noblesse anime adaptation has been announced.

Recently, the popular anime dropped a Key Visual and a Trailer for the upcoming anime series. The trailer did introduce the Raizel Knights, that means the anime will be covering up more than enough chapters of the Webtoon. The series was originally started back in 2007 by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu, and it ran until 2009. The webtoon was the first manhwa on the digital platform that was officially translated into the English language and that’s not it. Noblesse is one of the bestselling Webtoons, followed by the Tower of God and The God of High School.

That aside, Here is the official Key Visual for the Crunchyroll Originals Noblesse anime –

As for the trailer, Crunchyroll released the trailer on their channel quite some time ago, here it is:

(Please note that this trailer is region blocked)

The news was officially announced back in Seoul Comic-Con. While the Tower of God arrived early, fans had to wait a little too much for Noblesse. The exact release date for this series is yet to be announced, however, the anime is scheduled for Fall 2020.

CBR explains the synopsis for the story as, The ancient vampire Raizel is awake after sleeping for 820 years in modern-day Seoul, South Korea, and enrolling in a high school and looking at how far humanity has grown. As Rai lives his life normally with his newly made friends, supernatural monsters try to threaten him resulting in Rai using his noble vampire powers.

Update: As per the recent news, the series is scheduled to release in October 2020.

Stay tuned to our other posts for more information regarding Noblesse and other popular anime. While you wait for Noblesse, don’t forget to read our recent on Haikyuu Season 4 Part 2!

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