Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 164 – Preview

Team 7 from Konoha is currently on a mission at the land of Silence. Formerly, they were framed for the murder of a high-class lady at that place by a group of shinobi. These mysterious individuals are fleeing the country with the Hashirama Cells. As a result, Team 7 was surrounded by a massive crowd after they were thought of as the killers of Lady Sakuya. Somehow, they got away to pursue the true culprits.

When they were in the pursuit of these thieves, Team 7 is intercepted by ninja from the Lightning Village. They have been sent here by the Raikage to control the situation caused by the Hashirama cells. Konahamaru explained the situation to these shinobi. This group was going to confront the thieves together until another mysterious guy showed up.

He has mysterious makeup and he doesn’t want to introduce himself. This person is also in the pursuit of the same Hashirama cell. He seems very confident in his abilities challenging everyone. The team from the leaf village is separated from the lightning village ninja. Team 7 keeps going against the culprits. While Omoi and others engage this new pursuer. There is no effect of lightning on him and he outsmarts all three of the shinobi in the end.

The shinobi who stole the cells know that they are being followed. Someone is coming after them. One of them separates from the team to confront the ninja from Leaf Village. While the other two keep going. This guy is going to activate a strange forbidden Jutsu in the next episode. Boruto Episode 164 is titled ” The Deadly Kinjutsu”. The Release Date for this episode is 6 September 2020. Also check out: BORUTO: EPISODE TITLES AND SCHEDULE – SEPTEMBER 2020

The current arc of the Boruto anime series is an anime-only filler series. The story is canon as it is included in the Kara Actuation Arc of the anime. This story will continue until at least Episode 170 of the anime. This gives a bit more transition into the actual Kara Arc which involves more advanced characters from that organization.

Kara Member “Deepa”

The mysterious character that appeared in the Boruto Episode 163 is named Deepa. He is an inner member of Kara. He is immensely powerful because of the modifications made to him. If he gets hold of the Hashirama Cells, this would be a great asset lost to the organization. Along with the threat from Deepa, the ninja that stole the Hashirama Cell is also getting away.

The team from Leaf village needs to hurry and defeat the one who stayed behind. The shinobi think that if they can get inside their borders, they will get into safe territory. Someone needs to stop them before they can escape. It seems that the Kinjutsu activated to buy time for this operation is quite dangerous. All of them will have a difficult time dealing with it. This means that the culprits could escape. Team 7 needs to hurry and stop them before that happens. They also have to deal with the threat from Kara. The climax of this pursuit is already here.

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