Dr. Stone Chapter 164 Release Date and Predictions

Ever since Senku was injured, the rest of the Science Kingdom is trying their best to fill the gap left. However, Senku is the main scientist for the group and his presence is necessary. Chrome made a drill to cut through the ground into the enemy HQ. They acquired a detailed map to the HQ and plan to attack the enemy where they expect it the least. The second team is tunneling their way into the required path.

In addition to that, the team on the aircraft carrier is working to get the air defenses ready. With vague instructions from Senku, the airplane is also getting ready. Senku is not in the best condition right now. He needs medical care and this is where Miss Luna comes in. She is very impressed by the accomplishments of Senku. Luna came from the kingdom of Dr. Xeno as a spy but she fell for Senku. She decides to help Senku in exchange for becoming the girlfriend of the genius scientist. Senku agrees and after the blood was sucked out from his lungs, he got much better. The Science Kingdom also gained a helpful ally in the process.

Dr. Xeno and his accomplices are also building something major at the same time. There is no indication of what it is but this is being completed hurriedly for the final battle. The kingdom of Dr. Xeno is more advanced among the two kingdoms. But Senku has not given up just yet. He will be on the frontline when the chaos begins. It is “Science versus Science”. The Release Date for Dr. Stone Chapter 164 is September 6, 2020, and it will be available on the Manga Plus platform by Shueisha.

The final battle will have an explosive result, to say the least. Both the Kingdoms are very capable in their regards. Dr. Xeno is more advanced in his weapons. His trump card weapon is also finished. Senku and Ryusui are gonna lead the front in the airplane. The rest of the strong characters, in the second team tunneling to get to the enemy HQ, will lead an attack from the inside. It will be interesting to see the response of Dr. Xeno when he is hit from two sides at the same time.

The Kingdom of Science will prevail. Senku has gotten through hard times before this. He was heavily injured from the sniper attack but its time for the counter-attack. They still have the element of surprise against Dr. Xeno. The petrification device already put Xeno on the defensive. It won’t be a straight win for the kingdom of Science but they will take over. After that, Senku will try his best to get the American scientists to join him.

Then onwards, it is going to be a faster journey to reviving the entire humanity. Senku wants the Alcohol produced from the corn found in the United States. This will let them make the reviving fluid in huge amounts. The Ultimate goal is to find the source of the petrification that led to these circumstances in the first place.

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