The God of High School Episode 10: Air Date and Preview

Jin Mori was left with a difficult choice in the previous episode when he received a letter with a picture of his injured grandfather and the map to the place where he is held. The next round of the tournament is already starting and Jin Mori is needed here. The Seoul team had no choice but to compete without Jin Mori for the sake of their survival in the tournament. stepped up for the first match while is looking for Jin Mori in the arena.

When Jin Mori saw the picture of his injured grandfather, he rushed towards the location without much consideration as he is the most important person in his life. Jin Taejin left his grandson a long time ago as he is a very powerful martial artist with many enemies. We already saw the explosive showdown between Jin Taejin and a Nox Priest. It was implied that Jin Taejin was seriously injured during that encounter. Jin Mori knew about this fight and When he saw the picture, he rushed for the help of his grandfather without verifying the information he received.

When he reaches the location, Jin Mori does find his grandfather in a horrible condition. But as soon as he tries to undo the chains, the true culprit makes his appearance and a spontaneous explosion happens. It was not his father at that place at all. Rather, Jin Mori was tricked by a strange individual that boasts his connections to the Nox organization.

This meant that Jin Mori was out of the tournament. Han Daewi was also not competing for his team due to disciplinary action and its just Yu Mira against three members of the Jeju team. The foul play unveils even further when Jin Mori falls into a place where many people lie dead. Among them, there are three contestants of the Jeju team that are currently fighting against the Seoul team. It is this one character messing with everything that is happening in this round of the tournament. The contestant from Jeju team has the moonlight sword of Yu Mira. This is a very powerful tool and only Yu Mira can unlock its true potential. She does it after being pushed to a corner and unlocks her Charyeok. She defeats her opponent and left injured at the end.

As there is no one else to face, victory seems gained for them. However, at that moment, Jin Mori shows up. As he shows up at the arena, we follow the two fights, how Jin Mori uses his special moves against the man at the abandoned place and the man in the arena and take down both of them. The result is an overwhelming win for the Seoul team in second match of this round.

Nox lost in another one of their foul moves and the Seoul team has won the round with two wins over the other team. The move on to the next round. You can watch this Crunchyroll original anime series, The God of High School every Sunday on their website. The Air Date for Episode 10 of GOH is September 6, 2020.

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