One Piece 989 Leaked: Straw Hats Look Strong!

One Piece 989 was leaked ahead of the release date and it was epic in every sense. This chapter was focused entirely on the straw hats as this is the fight of Straw Hats as much as anyone. We were wondering where everyone was after the split up right before the raid started. They have all gathered together to face off against the opponents now.

When Nami and others were in danger from Big Mom, Brook and Franky showed up first to rescue her. Franky ran Big Mom over in an epic entry and he later made another statement that sums up the goal of Straw Hats in this battle. When Nami told Franky that he is up against a Yonko, Franky exclaimed that they are the crew of the future Pirate King and they have to be at that level from now on. This is exactly what we wanted to hear from a Straw Hat crew member. Zoro is as lost as ever in the castle when Queen spots him running around aimlessly. This is when Luffy shows up and tries to get away to the other side to face Kaido. However, Queen transforms and catches both of them to stop them in their tracks. At the same time, King and his henchmen are protecting the sky so no one makes it through here. Sanji also survived the deadly attack from King.

When Franky was about to blast Big Mom with the Radical beam, huge giant creatures like Oars from Thriller bark show up. They are apparently given by Moria to the Beast Pirates and called Numbers. Franky blasts one of them who had Usopp and Chopper in one of his hands. When Franky redirects his beam on one of the numbers, he is left open to attack. Big Mom was about to land a blow but Robin and Jinbe show up. These two are a great team against the Yonko and send her flying off to the distance so that the rest of the crew can breath safe.

All 10 of the straw hats have gathered together. They are a great force when working together against Armies. This time, it is the forces of Kaido led by King and Queen. All they have to do is open up space for Luffy to reach Kaido. Queen and King are the strongest fighters for the Beast Pirates after Kaido. It will take all of the straw hats to attack them together to have a chance against them. But even then the victory is far fetched.

Big Mom may not return at all now as Marco will play some role in calming her down. I am not sure what Marco is planning but he was hinted to be allied with the Big Mom pirates a few chapters ago. Anyhow, Big Mom doesn’t listen to others often. Maybe Straw Hats cannot get rid of her as easily as I am predicting. The Samurai and their allies don’t look like they are losing just yet. They may look overpowered by the likes of the elite like Big Mom and Kaido but they have a lot of trump cards at their hand. The Mink lords are yet to transform to Sulong and face Kaido. Kid and Law are nowhere to be seen as well. There are a lot of other key characters like the Tobi Roppo that are not involved in the main fight.

It was a great chapter overall as the fights are gradually stepping up with each new chapter. It was nice to be able to locate each straw hat as the main battle unfolds. Let’s see what role each of them plays as more powerful fighters dominate over them soon.

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