Boruto Episode 165: Release Date and Preview

The fillers for Boruto anime seem to never end at this point. After a long delay due to coronavirus in the last two months, Boruto restarted the filler arc. It involves a mission of Team 7 away from their village. They are tricked by a few ninjas from Land of Haze and lose the Hashirama Cell. This is a very powerful tool and could turn fatal if activated in the wrong way. The team from Konoha is in pursuit of these shinobi.

One of them named Yuuga stayed behind to slow the pursuers down. He activated a very potent forbidden Jutsu sacrificing his life for the mission. This summoned a powerful monster from the ‘other’ world that absorbs all the chakra out of a specific place. Boruto and his team are stuck in this barrier and had nowhere to go. The monster absorbed Chakra from every animal in the area. Then, it attacked the team and impressively everyone worked together to take down the monster.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 165 is scheduled to release on September 13, 2020. This episode involves the two remaining shinobi from the Land of Haze. The Konoha team will finally reach the rest of the thieves and these two also start activating peculiar Jutsu that is powerful but forbidden as they forfeit their lives by activating them. It makes you wonder why they go this far to obtain the Hashirma Cells. We will get more detail on that in the upcoming episode. You can watch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll.

Forbidden Jutsu Activated

In addition to that, I am sure all of you are waiting for the actual Kara story to start. As you may have noticed, an assassin is pursuing the same Hashirama Cells as the Konoha team. He is the clown-faced strong guy that killed two of the Cloud ninja in the previous episode. Only Omoi survived and now is heading towards the Konoha team. This guy is related to Kara. This guy may belong to the Kara organization but he is still a mystery in the anime. This is extra anime-only material added as a canon start to the Kara Actuation Arc. For now, The minors spoilers from the upcoming episodes for September suggest that this conflict about Hashirama Cells will end in three-four episodes and Team 7 will return to their village. I already told you that the Manga story for Kara Arc is starting from Episode 170.

Now that, Konoha team catches up to the rest of the ninja from Land of Haze, there will be another deadly conflict. The assassin is also approaching to obtain the Hashirama Cells. The Konoha team cannot let either of these two to obtain this powerful tool. Having the two jonin, Mugino and Konahamaru, do increase their chances but we will see how these battles turn out. As this is brand new content, we have no idea what impact it will have on the actual upcoming story. The previous episodes had some nice battles for a change and we expect it to get better. What do you think of the Boruto Anime right now, do let know in the comments!

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