Dr Stone Chapter 165: Release Date and Preview

The technology for airplanes is progressing smoothly for Dr. Stone manga as the air show in the previous chapter was fantastic. Senku designed the Perseus as the aircraft carrier and the airplane is stored inside the ship. As Stanley came over to attack the ship, the airplane at Perseus is also launched to counter-attack. This means that Senku and Dr. Xeno have built weapons that can carry out air battles. It is Stanley on one plane against Dr. Senku and Ryusui Nanami on the other plane battling in the sky.

Ryusui is piloting the plane while Senku is in the back seat as the helper. He has a gun with him, that simply doesn’t work. However, Stanley has a fully functional system that can take down the plane of Ryusui in no time. This is when Ryusui starts some advanced airplane tricks to lock on to the other plane. He has to get behind the other plane to land a clear blow. Stanley is far more skilled in this stuff but Ryusui outmatches him in the end. Ryusui is locked on to the plane of Stanley and ready to take it down using the gun made by Senku before their journey here.

Dr. Stone Chapter 165 is scheduled to release on September 13, 2020. This chapter will conclude this air fight between the two and proceed to the other battlefront at the headquarters of Dr. Xeno. Senku and Ryusui may proceed to the enemy base as well or get back to their ship and wait for the word from Chrome’s team. You can read the newest chapter on the official source, the Manga Plus site.

This air battle is important because it will get rid of the biggest threat from Dr. Xeno, the sniper Stanley. If the shot takes down the plane of Stanley, there will be no threat from the sky anymore. Stanley could even be captured at this point. As for Dr. Xeno, his headquarters is soon to be infiltrated. Chrome has designed a drill that can make a tunnel through the ground right into the enemy’s home. Chrome has the strongest people from the science kingdom with him to wreak havoc in the enemy territory.

As a result of this conflict, either Senku or Dr. Xeno will take over the other’s empire. If Senku and his team dominate the forces of Dr. Xeno in the upcoming fight, that would mean that there will be much more help in the missions of Senku. As we know that Senku wants to revive the entire world that was lost a thousand years ago and chasing behind the reason of that event that petrified the entire world. There will be much more technological advancements when the great minds of America get together to solve this issue. But before we see that team-up, Senku has to dominate Dr. Xeno in some way. Dr. Xeno has hinted at a weapon that will be big trouble for the people of the Kingdom of Science. We are yet to see if Chrome and his team will make it in time, inside the headquarters, and stop all attacks from the inside.