One Piece Episode 941: Release Date and Preview

Kinemon’s plans were exposed to the Shogun Orochi previously and many Samurai were captured. This is when the last surviving Daimyo under Kozuki Oden, Yasuie decided to sacrifice himself for the future of the country. He was put on execution due to his false confessions and killed in front of the entire country. Taking the blame of the revolution upon himself, he dies in vain so that the country is freed from the oppression of Orochi and Kaido. The public execution of Yasuie brought the attention of everyone on him and he made the best of this opportunity.

The former Daimyo blamed Orochi’s greed for destroying the beauty of Wano that existed during the time of Oden. The country is contaminated by the factory wastes and the villages suffer from hunger. He wants the old order back on the country with Momonosuke as the new Shogun. Yasuie himself made another claim that helps the revolution in the long term. The flyers put out by Kinemon to tell all the hiding Samurai to join were found out by Orochi and anyone with the same tattoo was arrested. However, Yasuie took it on himself and claimed that it was all a prank. This is how Akazaya Samurai get another opportunity to gather the Samurai at a different place for the raid.

Yasuie is now executed and people saw it happen in front of them. However, an unusual thing happens when people start laughing after the death of their beloved leader instead of crying. Zoro gets angry that why they laugh at someone’s death. This is when we know that these people are actually crying. All expressions were taken from them due to the SMILE devil fruit and Orochi and Kaido are responsible. Zoro and other straw hats are at the execution site and they will make a disturbance at the place in the next episode. The Release Date for One Piece Episode 941 is September 13, 2020.

This sacrifice by Yasuie is going to be further motivation for all those who want to retaliate against the evil ways of the current leadership. They cannot let any more people die at this place as well. Toko will also be in danger in the coming episode but Zoro is sure to save her. It is a full-on war against Orochi after this point. This cannot go on any longer. We are sure to see some great fights coming up in the future. The pacing for that is still slow but this will all lead up to some epic fights.

We will know about the full truth about the devil fruit SMILE in the upcoming episode. We do know that these fruits turn the eater into Zoan type users but there is a dark side to this artificial devil fruit. It has affected the normal people of the country and that is why they cannot use any other expression other than laughing. It is a very cruel side effect that was not known before and Luffy and others did a big favor when they destroyed the factory completely.