The God of Highschool Episode 11: Release Date and Preview

This anime is based on a popular webtoon Korean comic book that started back in July as a Crunchyroll original. Despite the hype, before it started, it has received low ratings consistently in the first 10 episodes. The story starts with a young boy named Jin Mori rushing towards the venue of a big fighting tournament for the preliminaries. This is when he runs into a thief and chases him around the whole city. The thief is finally caught after the help of Han Daewi and Mira. These three are our main team for the tournament after the preliminaries.

This tournament is called The God of highschool and the winner gets to chose any wish they want and it will be fulfilled. The main power used by the fighters is charyeok (means Borrowed power) which is taken from otherworldly creatures. This tournament is held under the protection of the Six, highly powerful individuals looking over the entire event. The main opposition to this tournament is a religious type of group called Nox trying to sabotage the tournament in any type of way possible.

Jin Mori and his team won from the Sueol region and they have faced two teams in the tournament till now. They look strong but as stronger individuals make their way into the Tournament, it is looking difficult for them. In the match against the third team, the opponent named has activated a very peculiar charyeok against Jin Mori. It will be interesting to see the result of that fight in the upcoming episode. The release date of God of Highschool Episode 11 is September 13, 2020. It is released directly on Crunchyroll.

Along with the fight between Jin Mori and, a fight between the main leader of Nox and two of the members of The Six was underway. Interestingly, the leader of Nox summoned God himself along with the sword. But this God was not powerful enough as two of The Six were good enough to overpower it. This gives us some insight into the power levels of the members of The Six at this point.

Despite the fact that this anime is not popular among the fans right now, it has very good fights. There is some interesting use of cinematography and animation during the face-offs that have happened until now. However, the script is lacking character development. It is putting so much into one episode that the key information is usually left out. It does leave some missing plot lines that are totally forgotten for the next episode.

If you can make sense of all the mess made in the previous episodes, you can keep enjoying it in the future. The next episode will explain the eight tail spirit and its connection with Nox. Jin Mori is at the limit of his known powers. He has used everything he has in this fight until now. They will not eliminate the main character so early which means we can expect a never seen power-up from Jin as well. We will have to wait and see what happens in the coming episodes.

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