One Piece Chapter 990 Spoilers: It’s One After Another!

It is still two days until Chapter 990 of One Piece is officially released on Manga Plus in English. However, the entire chapter was released online in the non-official translation. It was no surprise that this chapter has a lot of special reveals. After a formal gathering of Straw Hats, we get more focus on the Tobi Roppo in this chapter. When Big Mom was thrown off balance, due to the impact, she freed Sasaki.

Page One and his sister Ulti are still sticking together and chasing after Yamato. Black Maria is nowhere to be seen in this chapter. However, the biggest thing happened involving the rest of the two, X Drake and Who’s Who. X Drake is tricked by Who’s Who to attack Queen revealing that he was always against the Beast Pirates. He is an undercover marine and this is part of his mission. X Drake escapes both of them due to the distraction created by Luffy in Fourth Gear and takes out one of the numbers in the process.

X Drake offers to join the Luffy and others right after his secret is out. This is not the first time when a powerful individual decides to ally with Luffy against a common enemy. But, all the members of the twelve worst that gathered on Sabaody at one time seem to run into Luffy again and again. X Drake is the newest of this trend and he wants to help Luffy in taking down Kaido.

The Mink lords have finally activated their Sulong in this chapter. These forms are as monstrous as predicted over the years. This sudden burst of power by the strongest Minks is pushing back everyone on the opposite side. Even someone as powerful as Jack looks vulnerable to this technique. At the same time, It is a sudden powerup that doesn’t last long. These Minks have to make the most of their abilities to weaken the forces of Beast Pirates until the others arrive to reinforce against Kaido. Unexpectedly, Luffy is the most excited to battle Kaido.

A striking detail that needs to be mentioned here is the conversation between X Drake and Basil Hawkins in this chapter. Hawkins is a fortune teller and his predictions are usually spot on. He made an interesting comment that “That man” has only a 1% chance of surviving this battle. In other words, someone major is expected to die in this conflict. This is a good chance that this was about Law. But it was so generally presented that it could just be anyone.

One Piece manga has not done many deaths over its long span but there were a few very important people killed at different points in this manga. These deaths were very impactful to the whole plot and usually had a tragic effect. It is unusual for Oda to hint deaths in his story before they happen. Either the man mentioned by Hawkins will survive these slimmest odds or the Wano arc will be much more emotional than expected.

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