Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64: Preview and Early Leaks

In only a few days, the newest chapter of dragon ball super is coming out. This Moro arc has gone on for a long time and the circumstances are still changing for each new chapter. In one chapter, we saw that the powered up Moro impaled Goku with his hand through the chest, and in the other, Goku is all healed up and ready for another round with the evil wizard. So, what changed between these two instances? It was Merus who sacrificed himself to buy time for Goku to recover. Merus also sealed away the powers of Moro that he used to copy the powers of his opponents.

In Chapter 64, the main focus is the fight between Goku and Moro, where Goku is expected power-up for the last time in the full strength. I am not saying that it will be over in the coming chapter as you never know that about a DB story. However, it is the final few chapters in the Moro Arc for sure. Here is what we know from the leaks: Goku is relaxed and composed against Moro. He has a conversation about Merus with Jaco. In the background, it seems that the Galactic Patrol will come back to pick Jaco soon. Moro is angry that Merus was able to seal his copy power before disappearing. Goku powers up in front of Moro, intending to take him down for good this time.

For those of you waiting for this chapter, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 is coming out on September 18, 2020. The main source to read the chapter on that day is the Manga Plus site. The newest chapters of all the Shonen weekly and monthly manga are found on it.

Goku realizes that Merus sacrificed himself despite knowing the consequences to save the rest of them. Merus was an angel and angels are bound by a law that limits them from using their powers for others. As soon as they use them for themselves, they disappear forever. This law seems applicable to all the angels and the possibility that Whis will ever step into a fight for Goku or Vegeta is non-existent now. The Grand Minister may be exempt from this rule but it is just speculation at this point. Goku may try reviving Merus using something like Super Dragon Balls and it will be interesting to see the reaction to that as well.

Moro lost his copying ability completely as the spells of Angels are not questionable, it is bound to work. Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the fighters were suddenly overpowered when Moro started copying their abilities extensively. Now that, it is not working, Goku may try and use the Ultra Instinct Omen again. There are also the chances of Mastered Ultra Instinct this late in the game. However, that form is harder to activate for Goku as there is no control over ‘Omen’ yet. Goku is as confident as ever but the villain Moro could do anything that gives him a slight advantage and the tables turn again.

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