One Piece Episode 942: Release Date and Preview

You may feel like One Piece anime is rather slow on the episode pacing but they have to keep up with the current pace of manga. Its rather annoying that the entire episode of this week was about the entry of Zoro and Sanji to save Toko from the attacking Shogun, Orochi. That episode also talked about the origin of the Smile devil fruit and how it was used by Orochi to make fun of the poor people of Ebisu Town.

In the next episode, the straw hat crew will cause havoc at the execution square and fight with the henchmen of Orochi to let Toko and others escape. This fight will be short and easy as there are no major fighters here except X Drake, Hawkins, and some Samurai. Episode 942 of One Piece anime is scheduled to release on September 20, 2020. The newest episodes of One Piece are streamed on Crunchyroll with English subtitles along with the TV premiere every week. 

The current set up of the anime is leading towards the final battle against the Shogun Orochi and the Emperor Kaido. Straw Hats are gathering allies in the city for that showdown. They will find more and more people who have stayed undercover during Orochi’s Reign until the promised revolution comes. Yasuie was one of those who believes that the Akazaya Samurai can gather a force, that is good enough to free the country from the oppression it faces. They all want to bring the country back to its former glory and then open it up for the entire world, just like Oden wanted to. 

About the Devil Fruit Called “Smile” 

This artificial devil fruit called SMILE was first introduced during the Punk Hazard Arc. There was a machine at Punk Hazard that produced the raw material for SMILE and sent it to Dressrosa where the factory made the actual devil fruits. The whole operation was run by the former warlord called Doflamingo alias Joker. Straw Hats and Law destroyed this entire production during their encounter with Doflamingo. We have known for a while that Kaido bought these devil fruits from Joker for his army in exchange for weapons. 

Unripe Devil Fruits

Now that, the Straw Hats are at the headquarters of Kaido, we get to know everything else about the SMILE devil fruits. Whoever eats this fruit, there is a 10% chance that he will gain a Zoan-type ability. The rest who fail to gain any powers lose their ability to swim and their ability to show any expression except laughing/smiling. This is why this devil fruit is named SMILE. This is how Kaido made his huge army of beast-like fighters. 

Orochi knew about these failed devil fruit and he deliberately sent these to the people of Ebisu town. These people ate SMILE as the source of food but most of them faced the side effects and lost their ability to show grieve or anger and would laugh at any good or bad thing. This is the tragedy that came onto the people of Wano due to the mischief of Orochi.

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